What is 5G? A learning video in collaboration with University4Industry.


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In this video, Jörg Borowski and Falk Schröder explain the context of 5G technology in industry.

5G for Industry

Enterprises rely on modern production and logistics processes to stay competitive. 5G for Industry encompasses wireless network deployments that span enterprise premises and are tailored to specific use cases with strategic advantages in the context of state-of-the-art facilities. A reliable, low-latency, and high-bandwidth network is essentially the central nervous system that enables people, data, things and algorithms to work together seamlessly and securely to increase productivity, resilience and efficiency based on up-to-date information.

Detecon is the only leading, globally operating technology management consulting company that can assist enterprises across the entire spectrum of 5G for Industry activities, from ideation and design to implementation and operation. In principle, industrial-grade, campus-wide networks can be built using different technologies ranging from tried-and-tested 4G/LTE, Wi-Fi, or NB-IoT to the upcoming 5G, LTE-M, and Edge Cloud. Indeed, industrials recognize 5G as an important building block for digitalization. However, the variety of technologies, implementation options, use cases, and operation models can be daunting and requires a partner with clear understanding of the entire journey that lies ahead.

Detecon 5G Campus Network Health Check

Detecon has developed a rich toolbox that helps our customers define the pertinent requirements, target picture, and transformation strategy. We support our clients to develop an individual strategy and exploit the full potential of 5G campus networks. The Detecon 5G Campus Network Health Check covers both business and technology aspects. We enable our customers to understand their industry-specific use cases and we work together to detail the functional and non-functional requirements. With the capability map ready, we define in close collaboration with our client the target picture technology and the associated business case scenarios. We develop the matching transformation strategy, analyze the applicable operational models, and identify the partnering ecosystem when appropriate. The end-result is a clear definition of the strategic options and actionable items for next steps.

Jörg Borowski
Jörg Borowski
Managing Partner
With the 5G Health Check, companies are ahead of the game: We show how 5G as the foundation of digitization can be optimally used to inspire customers and realize competitive advantages!

New Technologies, Process Digitalization and New Business Models

5G can provide seamless campus-wide, single-standard, wireless connectivity with mobility support, low-latency, and high-reliability. 5G caters several industrial-grade services ranging from augmented maintenance using AR/VR applications anchored on on-prem edge computing to high-precision asset tracking to production automation and supply chain integration. The developments accelerated by the availability of 5G present enterprises across the globe the possibility to review and revamp their legacy approaches and bring them to the hyperconnected digital now.

Campus-wide enterprise premises can be connected via different options. For example, company premises can be covered by an enhanced public cellular network, which enables basic use cases such as gigabit office connectivity including HD video conferencing to materialize with full rollout flexibility and predictable OPEX/CAPEX. Larger enterprises with advanced use cases that require on-prem edge computing facilities should consider a hybrid campus networks solution or even a fully isolated private 4G/5G deployment. Technology is of course only one part of the story. Detecon is currently helping customers from different industry sectors (including manufacturing, logistics, airports and expo grounds) across several countries to develop their own 5G-enabled business cases, target picture technology, and transformation strategy.

Detecon’s 5G for Industry expertise shines as we work together with our clients to define new and improved production environment processes that capitalize on managed latency and edge computing for demanding applications, network slicing for resource isolation, and massive machine-to-machine communication to integrate sensors and actuators of both fixed and mobile objects.

Our Service Portfolio

Detecon’s 5G for Industry is a unique offering: our real-world tested “Plan-Build-Run” model has established Detecon worldwide as the only management consultancy that has

  • the capacity to devise the top-level management strategy,
  • the full range of consultants to determine the best tactical approach for the introduction of 5G-enabled digitalization in a production environment and
  • the technology pedigree to plan and run the real-world implementation of a campus network. 
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