ICT Infrastructure & Platforms

Modern IT factories enable digital transformation

ICT Infrastructure & Platforms

Cloud solutions and IoT platforms are as indispensable enablers for important digital trends as the underlying ICT infrastructures and data centers. Well-known examples are data analytics, artificial intelligence, robotics, virtual reality or industry-related visions such as Industry 4.0, Connected Car, Smart Cities or Smart Energy. 
The opportunities are clear: Devices - "Things" - from almost all business and life areas go online and become "smart". But the risks are also becoming clear: huge areas of attack are emerging for new forms of cyber attacks that call for new security measures. According to a Detecon study, more than 50 percent of companies are already feeling the effects of digitization and the Internet of Things (IoT) on their business strategy. But only a few feel able to set the right course to make their business model fit for the future in an agile way and by means of digital application scenarios. However, the best strategy does not help if it cannot be implemented. We combine the strategy with the technical possibilities and take into account future developments across industries and internationally. This creates the synergies that give our customers a head start.

How will infrastructures and platforms become sustainable?

These are the questions the CIO has to answer:

Why are IoT platforms so important?
How can end-to-end business processes be structured in the cloud?
Does my SAP fulfill the key requirements for digital transformation?
Why are standardized IT infrastructures decisive?
How can a smart city prevent driving prohibitions in city centers?

Consulting Topics

Detecon provides consulting services in the following areas: IoT Solutions, Cloud Computing, Data Center, IT Sourcing Solutions & Shoring and Carrier IT.

The Detecon FIWARE iHub Cologne offering

  • We design and implement your FIWARE-Based Open IT Architectures
  • We select FIWARE-Capable Partners & Orchestrate Project Teams for you
  • We find the suitable EU Funding Schemes for you
  • Read more on our FIWARE web page.


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Steffen Roos, Managing Partner, Detecon International GmbH
Steffen Roos
Managing Partner | Business Technology

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