Strategic Skill Transformation

Learning in the company

Strategische Skilltransformation

Corporate learning: Approach

Have you already taken a close look at the competencies of your employees? Do you have a concrete idea of which competencies will be needed in the future and how you can shape the qualification of your employees in a future-oriented way? 

The digital transformation and the new normal are forcing companies to place competence development in a new strategic focus. New business models, technologies, and processes, as well as remote work, place new demands on the competence profile of employees. They require continuous development of soft and hard digital competencies. Companies must actively shape the skills development of their employees with future-oriented processes, methods and learning formats in order to secure the company's success in the long term.

Our strategic skill transformation approach understands the learning capability of companies as a key driver for sustainable growth. Learning organizations strengthen their ability to change and agility from within. This enables them to adapt quickly and flexibly to a changing market environment. The driver of learning organizations is a distinctive learning culture that supports lifelong learning and is anchored throughout the company. The strategy of the organization is the navigation for the future learning architecture.

    Our consulting services

    • Survey of actual state of competencies
    • Development of future target competence profiles
    • Gap analysis of target competencies and actual competencies
    • Training needs planning to close competence gaps
    • Setting up the learning architecture
    • Design of learning journeys and other learning formats
    • Establishment of a learning culture
    • Change and communication support in change processes

    Approach of the Detecon Academy

    The magic triangle of learning

    The magic triangle of learning was developed on the basis of our scientific and practical study on the future of learning. The magic triangle of learning consists of three guard rails: diversity and didactics,networking and exchange, and personal development. Only a holistic view of the guardrails and the associated fields of action can make organizational learning possible. Diversity and didactics include learning trips, a world of experience and a mix of formats. Networking and exchange refer to social collaboration, informal learning and collaboration tools. Personal development describes the expansion of personal responsibility, mindset and individual growth.

    Three advantages for successful Company ReBuilding

    Scaling of knowledge
    1. Scaling knowledge across the ecosystem:

    The Academy develops innovative learning concepts to scale the knowledge in the self-organized cells while continuously enriching the knowledge base throughout the ecosystem with new insights and skills.

    Ability to act
    2. Ensuring the ability to act:

    The Academy conceives learning and training offers in order to make the employees and managers in the company capable of maximum action and to increase the implementation competence of the Nucleus teams in the agile cells.

    Sustainable learning culture
    3. The development of a sustainable learning culture:

    The Academy makes the available knowledge base in the company usable and accompanies companies in the development of a learning culture that is anchored and lived throughout the company.

    That's what makes us special

    1. More than just colorful PowerPoint slides:

    In contrast to other consultancies, our focus is on the concrete implementation of our learning concepts and enabling formats. We not only find the right solutions for your learning needs, but also accompany you through the entire process. Together with our experts and technical resources, we breathe life into our learning formats and implement them together with you.

    2. Variety of methods instead of monotonous one-day seminars:

    For us, learning is much more than just conducting standardized training courses. Our learning concepts consider the learner as an individual and address simultaneously as many learning needs as possible . We rely on a coordinated mix of methods and promote collaborative learning as well as the exchange of knowledge among each other. In order to ensure the sustainability of the results, our workshops are interactive and require a strong involvement of the participants.

    3. A constantly growing pool of topics and a broad network of experts:

    In addition to a continuously growing pool of topics, you will also draw on sound learning expertise and our network of experts in the fields of agility, design thinking, cyber security, data analytics, co-innovation and industrial IoT. In addition, our office in Silicon Valley gives you access to the latest trends and technological developments in the market and you benefit from the many years of experience of over 1000 consultants worldwide.

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