New Work

Successfully Navigating Your Way into the New Working World

New Work

In these times of rapidly changing customer expectations, companies face increased pressure to innovate. Mastering the challenge of organizational ambidexterity (i.e., being simultaneously efficient and innovative) requires a transformation of the entire organization into a network structure comprising smaller, agile “cells” (see our Company ReBuilding Approach). In the course of this transformation, special emphasis must be placed on rethinking the working methods and culture of the organization. New Work has three different roles to play in the rebuilding of the organization and the related cell division process.


The foundation required to enable employees to work creatively on new business ideas at all is a certain degree of implementation of New Work within a corporation. No nucleus can be formed without New Work.


The DNA of the nucleus is based on New Work principles and building blocks. New Work creates a common understanding of values and forms the framework for a new and agile type of collaboration.


The basic principles of New Work are passed on at each cell division, enabling collaborative work within and between cells. Based on the four dimensions, the cell structure is bound together and the growth of the network is stimulated

The Detecon New Work approach

The Detecon New Work approach represents a strategic response to the current challenges and dynamic requirements on the market.

Starting from the four dimensions of People, Places, Tools, and Principles & Regulations, Detecon works in collaboration with the client to develop a customized concept for the implementation of New Work. At the heart of the four dimensions is the principle of “activity-based working,” i.e., the orientation of the working environment to the tasks of the employees. The resulting environment mirrors individuality and flexibility, promotes creativity, and facilitates collaboration and communication. The holistic implementation of New Work pays off in even more ways, however. It has a positive effect on revenues, employer attractiveness, and employee satisfaction while the fluctuation rate decreases.

New Work: establishment of new working worlds — implementation is structured in alignment with our four proven dimensions

Our services

  1. New Work readiness check — analysis of the status quo and existing initiatives
  2. Conceptualization, management, and implementation of change and communication measures
  3. Conceptualization of room layouts, recommendations regarding ICT, drafting and negotiation of model works agreements
  4. Preparation, conduct, and assessment of needs analyses and evaluation measures
  5. Creation of use cases and personas
  6. Conversion and implementation of a New Work concept, including project, organization, and stakeholder management

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