Agile strategy implementation with OKRs

Faster implementation of corporate strategy through increased alignment

Agile Strategieumsetztung mit OKR

OKR: Our approach for fast, measurable results

In times of constant change, the ability to react quickly, remain adaptable and align with strategic priorities is a key success factor for companies. Organizations can only achieve their set priorities if all teams are aligned. This becomes even more important when teams increasingly work decentrally as well as virtually.

However, the reality in many companies is quite different: For example, only a small percentage of employees are even aware of the corporate strategy. This in turn means that most employees do not know how they can contribute to the overarching strategy with their daily work and whether they are using the resources available to them for the right topics. In many places, therefore, there is a gap between corporate strategy and operational implementation.

Objectives and Key Results (OKR) are a suitable, proven method for closing this gap. They provide a common vocabulary and quarterly process for teams and entire organizations to transparently agree what they want to achieve, focus their efforts on measurable outcomes, and iteratively learn with data over time. OKRs are a way to define and achieve the best possible outcomes as a team and as an organization; however, they are not appropriate for measuring individual performance. The right tooling, in the form of OKR software such as Workboard, serves as a platform to stay on track.

    Our consulting services for successful OKR

    • Conception, implementation as well as monitoring of holistic OKR programs
    • OKR Maturity Check
    • Executive Leadership Workshop incl. Strategy Review, Strategic Priorities Survey, OKR Formulation
    • OKR workshops for teams of all hierarchy levels
    • Vertical and horizontal OKR alignment
    • Change and communication support in OKR rollout
    • Operational and systematic support in OKR rollout (Project Management Office)
    • OKR Coach certifications
    • Selection of suitable OKR software/tooling

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