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Agile means change

Bringing products to market faster, with higher quality, lower risks, and through more satisfied employees. The concrete use of "agile" goes far beyond the introduction of methodology - agility requires a comprehensive change in the culture and collaboration model in an organization. The agile principles such as self-organization, early as well as regular delivery of results, feedback loops and regular optimization of collaboration require a fundamental change in the system, which must be demanded and promoted by the management. Experience with our customers and the results of studies clearly show that agile methods can achieve significantly greater success in companies than classic project management procedures. To ensure that agility becomes a model of success for you as well and not just a worn-out "buzz word", we support our customers as partners and consultants and work with you to design your personal agile collaboration model.

Success factors of agility

We have been able to realize a number of success factors with our customers using agile approaches:

  • Knowledge gains and changes are adopted and implemented faster and more efficiently
  • Products/services are brought to market incrementally and faster
  • Employees contribute creative ideas, act more independently, are in close exchange with each other and have more fun at work
  • The added value for the customer is constantly questioned and the activities are aligned with it


Our holistic approach

all dimensions of an agile transformation

For us, an agile transformation means more than just the introduction of structures and processes. Regardless of whether you want to agilize just one project, an entire program or your entire company - we accompany your adaptation of agile methods with our holistic approach:

Creating value for your customers and your organization is always at the center of our work. Close collaboration with your employees is also a cornerstone for us in the agile transformation.


Our portfolio

Our portfolio enables your individual expression of agile methods It is divided into a total of four areas: Culture and Organizational Change, Competence Building and Operational Support. In this way, we offer you a modular portfolio that is tailored to your needs.

Culture Change
Organizational Change
Competence building
Operational support

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