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Our clients join us in the development of groundbreaking solutions in the sectors Cyber Security, Innovation, Data Analytics, and Industrial IoT in our Digital Engineering Centers.

Cyber Security

The experts in the Cyber Security Center assess the security levels of our clients’ operations. Recommendations for action based on cyber-defense tests or security by design of products are just as much a part of the services as security innovation scouting, a security boot camp with our partners in Israel, or the planning of a stalwart cyber-defense for digital business models, products, and services.


In the Co-Innovation Center, we collaborate with our clients along the full length of the innovation and implementation process. Employing such methods as Design Thinking, Rapid Prototyping, Lean UX, and Agile Development, we redesign analog and digital processes so that they can be used for the development of viable digital products and services. With the aid of portfolio elements such as digital ecosystem analyses, trend progression, and scenario modeling, our clients can evade technology shocks and are always one step ahead of the rest.

Analytical Intelligence

The Analytical Intelligence Center pursues a holistic approach that systematically guides companies along the course of their data challenge, from the generation of the ideas to the definition of data-centric use cases and business models to architectural design and data management. Building on this groundwork, we focus on the realization of the use cases with proofs of concept to demonstrate feasibility. This is achieved through the use of the appropriate big data tools, analytics algorithms, and the latest AI technologies.

Industrial IoT

The Industrial IoT Center supports our clients in utilizing the interconnected information from products or objects in the best way possible throughout their entire lifecycle — with the aid of the concept of the digital twin. By employing this industry-specific dynamic software model, we enable our clients to simulate, analyze, and, ultimately, to control their ecosystems from component and sensor data that exist in the physical world. Test beds reveal how current obstacles can be overcome, e.g., by securing short latency times with the aid of edge computing.

Digital Real Estate Lifecycle Management

The market sees the enormous opportunities offered by the digitalization of the lifecycle management of real estate. A building is a system of systems with a variety of standards and technologies, each with its own life cycle.

Our solution for digital building management is also here the digital twin. As a digital building twin, it provides relevant and coherent information from data from different sources, which can be used as a fact-based basis for decision-making. In a co-creation approach with our customers, we develop a tangible demonstrator with real use cases of digital building management.

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