Digital Operations and Performance

Strengthening competitiveness in a digitalized world

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Operating models, corporate governance, financial management, and processes and applications in various industries are the focal points of our work – worldwide.

Our launch of the Digital Efficiency Index is a logical extension of our activities in these fields. One key question that we help our clients to answer is how digital tools and methods can be used to sustainably improve the efficiency of an organization. The Digital Efficiency Index is an empirically substantiated analysis of digital efficiency and different industries that we can use to help our clients in their search for the right orientation and benchmarks for their businesses. Digital efficiency is a necessity in today’s competitive world; survival is virtually impossible without it. At Detecon, digital efficiency is in our DNA, and countless clients put their trust in us whenever they have digital efficiency issues.

Over the course of our work for our clients, it is critical for project success that all stakeholders become involved in our ideas and solutions.  Moreover, we consider holistically all the relevant departments of the company. Unless the optimal orchestration of all elements is achieved, modified processes and new digital business models and organizations cannot be successfully implemented.

Employees the most important asset of the company

What a company is worth is measured to no small extent by the value of its employees. Skills and the acquisition of skills as well as their correct utilization within the organization are the prerequisites for a company’s successful (digital) transformation. We work closely with HR departments in this regard.

Structures, processes, and applications – one gear wheel meshes with the next

Just as in a machine, the activities of the various organizational units must mesh smoothly. If this is to be achieved, processes must be optimized and efficiently controlled across a broad range of functions. We collaborate with our clients to create pragmatic solutions tailored to their individual situation that can be quickly implemented and that cover holistic structures, processes, and system architectures.

Steering and advising services for the CFO

Flexible and agile steering of an organization is essential in the digital age. Our consultancy services for CFOs are not limited to digital finance – they extend to counseling in the holistic management of digital business and operating models that can make a significant contribution to a company’s success.

How to develop a digital operating model that pays into strategy and efficiency.

Possible challenges and solution approaches on the digital journey

Organization, control, financial management, processes, and applications – what questions do CxOs ask themselves?

How do I prepare my operating model for digitalization?
How can i manage digital products and get them on the road?
How do I establish agile digital processes?
How do I exploit digital potential/respond to disruptive changes?
What form must a digital CFO agenda take?
How do I steer an agile, digital organization?

Our consulting portfolio

Tailored for each client – our services

Reorganization and restructuring
HR management
CFO advisory
Business process management and applications
ERP and SAP advisory
Wholesale and regulation

Would you like to learn more about our work methods?

Our experts will be glad to explain how we can support your digitalization efforts and your subsequent use of the newly realized digitalization to mine efficiency potential.

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