"Goodbye to the old One"

DayOne Workshop ... Your first Step towards CompanyReBuilding

"The purest form of madness is to leave everything as it was and still hope that something will change." (Albert Einstein)

Yes, you need to continually adapt your business to changing market and competitive conditions. Not really something new - however, the changes have never come at such a pace before and the ability to constantly reinvent oneself and produce innovations has been as important as it is today. At the same time, you are confronted with an ever-increasing number of terms and buzzwords: Digitization, agility, artificial intelligence, blockchain, autonomous systems and new work are just a few of the things that are expected to lead the way to a successful, mostly digital future. But what do these developments actually mean for your company? Which of them are actually relevant? How can you use your previous strengths in a meaningful way in order to use them as a competitive advantage? And how do you succeed in taking a first concrete step and not getting stuck at the concept level?

A workshop against madness

During a two-day workshop, we shed light on your situation and identify the trends and developments that are relevant to you. Then, based on your strengths and a comprehensive ecosystem analysis, we work with you to develop forward-looking ideas and initial approaches for new business approaches. At the end of the first day, we don't give you or ourselves a break and use your energy to concretize the best ideas in a "Night Shift" session. The 2nd day will then have the motto: "Challenge & let's get started". The best ideas will be selected by you or your top management after a pitch of the teams. With the help of our Company ReBuilding approach, we then concretize the implementation path so that you can quickly begin with the implementation.

Because at the end of the day: "Ideas are cheap, implementation matters".

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