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In the age of digital change, corporate communications is no longer what it once was: familiar ways of disseminating information lose their significance, faceless corporate news can no longer penetrate and corporate communications teams are increasingly losing control over the dissemination of the message. On the other hand, chatbots and artificial intelligence provide new access to the needs of customers, employees and candidates, but also fundamental technical and cultural changes. But what does it look like, the (digitized) corporate communication of the future? How is information exchanged? And how do we shape the interaction between man and machine? We look for answers and talk to the #COMRebels, the courageous, young at heart, wild and experimental representatives* of a species whose work plays a key role in transforming their company into a successful player in the digital age.

Future Communications: Our offering for you

In times of digital change communication becomes more and more one of the main success factors for a successful renewal.

We help you to shape your communications. Click here for the Detecon service portfolio in the context of Future Communications.

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