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Renewal in the digital age - also in long-standing companies?

Company ReBuilding Detecon

Why do innovation projects often get lost in the vast expanses of the rigid organization in corporate groups and companies with long-standing traditions? Why do they stand back and watch while the business models so successful over decades are turned upside-down by young startups? Why do the “big boys” so frequently find it impossible to respond to the challenges of the digital age sensibly and to renew their own operations?

And the even more important question: What must be done to put an end to the agility killers in the company such as hierarchies, processes, and control systems and to replace them with a flexible and an effective innovation culture?

Our answer: Company Rebuilding

After all, 99% of all startups end in failure, and corporate groups and established companies have something that the newly founded companies lack: resources! Specifically, implementation experience and the ability to turn an idea into a product accepted by customers.

Our approach is based on the principle of cell division and the creation of autonomous units in the company – taking advantage of the previous competitive advantages such as brand power, the know-how accumulated over years, and experienced employees.

We help you on your journey from the clay layer to cell structure, from an unwieldly, inflexible corporate culture to an innovative, agile, and dynamically robust company of success.

The Ecosystem of Company ReBuilding
The Ecosystem of Company Rebuilding

Building blocks for successful Company Rebuilding

On the way to a successful innovation culture

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Your Potentials

Increased competitiveness: You increase your innovative ability and develop products and business models that offer concrete added value and really reach the customer.

Efficient value creation structures: You free yourself from the clay layer of agility killers and control your value creation via agile platforms.

Sustainable corporate growth: You can leverage your resource advantages over lively start-ups and develop your own personal growth blue print.

What challenges concern our clients?

Questions and Answers

How do I go about realizing radical innovations in my company?
How do I build up an innovation culture in the company?
How do we model ambidexterity?
How do we develop digital business models?
What impact does digitalization have on the way work is done?
How do I create a resilient and dynamically robust organization?

Rebuilding Companies: Our Podcast for your Renewal


In our podcast 'Rebuilding Companies' everything revolves around innovation, digitization, New Work and Company ReBuilding. Janosch Geiger and Mike Kaiser, both experienced management consultants at Detecon, talk to people who deal with the design of innovative and sustainable organizations from a variety of perspectives.

All podcast episodes can be found here

(in German Language only)

"Goodbye to the old One"

DayOne Workshop ... Your first step towards CompanyReBuilding

Start your transformation with us. In a 1.5 day workshop we develop your business model idea and create the nucleus for its implementation. Further information is available here.

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