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Identified hotspots

Every second company shows clear deficits in the use of digital technologies. The least advanced in the companies are the use of artificial intelligence technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI), machine-to-machine (M2M) communication, neural networks and voice assistants to automate more complex tasks.

This is one of the results of a study in the topic of digital efficiency that we conducted together with our partners Lünendonk & Hossenfelder GmbH and T-Systems Multimedia Solutions. For this purpose, 123 top managers were asked about their transformation experiences and digitalisation strategies.

Root Cause Analysis Based on Empirical Values

  • Lack of understanding of artificial intelligence as a disruptive technology that cannot be implemented by „going on, only better.“
  • Unclear basis for decision-making on new or renewed digitization business models due to connection of a wide variety of data sources.
  • False expectations and lack of acceptance generated by novelty of Big Data, AI and analytics methods.

Detecon Solution Approach Based on Methods and Best Practices

We have summarised our experience in digitalisation projects with AI and analytics in various industries in the Data Thinking Process. This process includes:

  • From idea generation to realization: Rapid implementation of diverse use cases through efficient preparation in proofs of concept, pilots or minimum viable products.
  • Prioritization of various use cases along the economic dimensions of cost, benefit, and duration.
  • Networking of all stakeholders through agile working methods and proactive collaboration with various fields of expertise.

Realising digital efficiency through chatbots

Find out here how you can exploit the business potential of chatbots and what role the customer experience plays in this!

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