Digital Efficiency

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Identified hotspots

Skills for digitalization are only available to a very limited extent. Above all, there is a lack of fundamental understanding of technology.

This is one of the results of a study on the topic of digital efficiency, that we conducted together with our partners Lünendonk & Hossenfelder GmbH and T-Systems Multimedia Solutions. For this purpose, 123 top managers were asked about their transformation experiences and digitalisation strategies.

Root Cause Analysis Based on Empirical Values

  • Megatrends are influencing the competence requirements for employees towards higher-skilled activities.
  • New Work patterns and changing job requirements demand a different set of digital and non-digital key skills.
  • Digital or media literacy is one of the most urgent skills for mastering future challenges.

Detecon Solution Approach Based on Methods and Best Practices

  • Elicitation of the current skill level via data crawling, self-assessments, and third-party assessments.
  • Determination of the required „future skills“ and necessary roles in the organization in cooperation with the departments and on the basis of Detecon‘s Skills Repository.
  • Quantification of the target scenario for roles and necessary skills required in the future and the associated personnel requirements.
  • Survey of company-wide re-qualification potentials and linking of the results for strategic workforce planning.

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