Strategic Skill Transformation

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Learning Ability of Companies

Have you ever given really serious thought to the skills of your employees? Do you have a concrete perception of what competencies will be required in the future and how you can assure that your employees will have qualifications oriented to future demands?

Digital transformation and the new normal are forcing companies to place a new strategic focus on skills development. New business models, technologies, and processes as well as remote working place new demands on the competence profile of employees and call for the continuous development of soft and hard digital skills. Companies must actively steer the skills development of their employees to include future-oriented processes, methods, and learning formats so that the company’s long-term success can be assured.

Our Consulting Approach

Our approach to strategic skill transformation views the ability of companies to learn as a major driver for sustained growth. Learning organizations strengthen their capacity for change and agility from within, allowing them to adapt quickly and flexibly to a changing market environment. The engine driving these learning organizations is a pronounced learning culture that supports life-long learning and is firmly grounded throughout the company. The organization’s strategy represents the navigation system for the future learning architecture.

Our Services

  • Determination of the current skills level
  • Development of future target skills profiles
  • Analysis of the gap between target and current skills
  • Plotting the need for training programs to close skills gaps
  • Set-up of the learning architecture
  • Design of learning trips and other learning formats
  • Building a learning culture
  • Change and communication support in change processes

Detecon Academy

Drawing on our scientific and practical studies on the future of learning, we have developed the magic triangle of learning. It comprises three planks: diversity and didactics, networking and sharing, and personal development. Only a holistic view of the planks and the related fields of action makes organizational learning possible. Diversity and didactics are understood as learning trips, the world of experience, and a mix of formats. Networking and sharing refer to social collaboration, informal learning, and collaboration tools. Personal development describes the expansion of personal responsibility, mindset, and individual growth.

This Sets Us Apart

More than just colorful PowerPoint slides

In contrast to other consultancies, our focus is on the concrete implementation of our learning concepts and enabling formats. Not only do we find the right solutions for your learning needs, we also accompany you through the entire process. In collaboration with our experts and through the use of our technical resources, we breathe life into our learning formats and work with you to implement them.

Variety of Methods Instead of Monotonous One-Day Seminars

For us, learning is much more than running through standardized training programs by rote. Our learning concepts view learners as individuals and address as many learning needs as possible at the same time. We trust in a coordinated mix of methods and promote collaborative learning as well as the sharing of knowledge among one another. Our workshops are structured interactively and expect the active participation of the attendants, assuring long-term retention of the lessons learned.

Constantly Growing Pool of Topics and a Broad Network of Experts

In addition to a continuously growing pool of topics, you will have access to in-depth learning expertise and our network of experts in the fields of agility, design thinking, cybersecurity, data analytics, co-innovation, and industrial IoT. Moreover, you can learn about the latest trends and technological developments on the market from our office in Silicon Valley and benefit from the years of experience of over 1,000 consultants worldwide.

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