Digital Direct Sales at OEM

Project Example Monetization

Why Monetization?

Monetization generates space for the implementation of diverse business models by linking various requirements and areas. The aim is to maximize financial value creation in a company by processing monetary transactions efficiently and automatically. As a result, different requirements and spheres are harmonized to create a holistic ecosystem.

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Use Case Digital Direct Sales


In the future, the OEM should offer additional digital services and innovative business models in supplement to its core business. These services generally require adjustments in the billing processes. The company moves into direct sales for the first time and integrates the existing sales structures into the new business model using an incentive system.


Detecon implements a supplementary system as an integrating component of the existing systems and thus enables the incorporation of previous international sales structures into the new business model through incentive mechanisms. For example, existing retailer structures and regional subsidiaries will be integrated.

Customer benefit

  • Digital services as an offering will be integrated into the existing landscape with the help of a new system and process adjustments.
  • The flexibility of the solution enables the incorporation of any additional digital services.
  • The costs of implementation are minimized by tools that are optimally selected and adapted. The digital billing solution reduces internal costs to such an extent that the business model is viable in this specific case.
  • Furthermore, the service portion of the previous sales structure is taken into account and automatically compensated in the inventory chain as partner settlement. In this way, existing processes and optimizations, if any, are retained. At the same time, this facilitates the change process and reduces changes for employees.
  • Digital services of any kind will now be offered internationally and will also be accessible to other divisions. In this way, all distributors in all European countries will be effectively integrated and able to sell digital add-on products profitably.

Integration of a new, direct and digital offer

Expansion to international and direct sales models to complement the existing structure.

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