Cost Reduction through Central Monetization

Project Example Monetization

Why Monetization?

By combining various requirements and areas, monetization creates space for the implementation of diverse business models. The aim is to maximize financial value creation in a company by processing monetary transactions efficiently and automatically. In doing so, different requirements and spheres are harmonized to create a holistic ecosystem.

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Use Case Central Monetization


Within the company, there are inconsistent and separate billing and accounting systems in different countries and for different brands, accompanied by inconsistent and redundant data and systems. Market pressure requires the transformation and supplementation of the traditional business model with services, partner offerings, and digital products. Among other sources, this is done via third-party providers and internal subsidiaries. Support is needed in this environment to correctly map different use cases in terms of internationalization plans, contract management, orders, taxes, compliance and risks.


One central IT system enables scalable expansion to new countries, internal systems, and business models. Detecon provided support in the development of a specific strategy, with holistic architecture management and continuous and integrated design, implementation, and further development. The overarching architecture enables the orchestration of systems and the standardization of processes and data quality.


Customer benefit

The customer now possesses an ecosystem that profitably accounts for all business models.

  • Enabling the new centralized, comprehensive and automated billing solution for 7 brands, 31 countries and 12 use cases.
  • Diversification of business models and product portfolio from traditional case to B2C and B2B, including 3rd party and internal partners.
  • Current product portfolio can be expanded through higher complexity and bundling, with systems supporting a long-term solution.
  • Customization and scalability enables billing of any new business models and sustainably reduces processing costs.
  • The objective is to transform the company into an innovative provider for comprehensive mobility.

Monetization for all application areas

Any number of different use cases can be orchestrated via central monetization.

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