Trends for the Next Decade #7

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Unleashed Ubiquitous Connectivity

Ubiquitous connectivity is a dream come true where everything is interconnected without boundaries. Universal coverage and maximum flexibility of networks are necessary for this. To make both possible and to integrate connectivity into all services and devices, physics may set limits (such as spectrum and data processing), but the key to success is software. Therefore, CSPs (Communication Service Providers) should exploit the full potential of virtualised and cloudified networks as soon as possible and at full speed.

Our Recommended Actions (for CSPs)

  • Create a sense of urgency beyond capex heavy spectrum auctions, namely for virtualization and cloudification of all things telco. 
  • Be prepared for a cloud-based production model, embark on the cloudification journey now. 
  • Accelerate the movement towards a cloud-centric architecture by leveraging 3GPP engagements. 
  • Consider OpenRAN as it takes over RAN, leading to more flexible and eventually disruptive networks.  
  • Do not wait for 6G to build 'real' 5G network slicing, prototype now.  
  • Consider automation as a step towards Autonomous and Self-Regulating Networks. 
  • Let AI do the heavy lifting on the lower end of the networking stack, eventually to have that part to run "on its own". 
  • Make telco IT people-business: strengthen and focus your own staff with the necessary skills for agile and dev ops-heavy work realities.

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