With foresight into new worlds

With Vision into a New World

Detecon's consulting approach addresses current and future requirements in the digital age. This includes, for example, that top consulting covers the spectrum from innovation to implementation. Future-oriented digital consulting requires more and more technology expertise and a high degree of agility, which includes the flexible but precisely fitting networking of experts, especially for complex digital ecosystems. At the same time, it is becoming increasingly important in digital consulting to accompany clients from innovation through prototyping to implementation.

With the Berlin-based Digital Innovation Center, we advise on the topics of cyber security, analytical intelligence, co-innovation and industrial IoT, and accelerate the implementation of digital strategies and solutions by means of prototypes and proof of concepts for our customers.

Set Your Digital Focus

Cyber Security

As experts in cyber security, we analyze, assess and improve our customers' security and threat situation using risk- and value-based methods. In doing so, we leverage the expertise of our global partnership network to always develop suitable solutions for individual challenges.

Analytical Intelligence

With the Analytical Intelligence approach, we pursue both the conceptual and prototypical implementation of data-driven business models. With our data thinking approach, we systematically support companies in their business plans for implementing artificial intelligence or comprehensive analytics. We help from idea generation through the definition of data-centric use cases and associated business models to architecture and algorithmic solution design.


The Co-Innovation team supports its clients along the entire user-centric innovation and implementation process by uncovering customer needs through research, fostering participatory innovation and strategy development, prototyping, and supporting the implementation of innovative digital products and services.

Industrial IoT

From raw data to business impact - our goal is a seamless and continuous flow of information along the entire lifecycle of products and services. The Industrial IoT team supports our customers in making the best possible use of object information - for example, with the help of the digital twin concept. Through these industry-specific, dynamic software models, we enable our customers to simulate, analyze and ultimately control their ecosystems existing in the physical world - from component and sensor data.