12 Reasons to choose us

Flat hierarchies, foosball table, roof terrace, open door policy, everything read countless times? Yes, you will find all this with us! What really distinguishes us as Detecon, however, we have once tried to force into the following 12 points:

#1 We are True Digital Transformer
#2 Collegial and appreciative
#3 Ideas instead of hierarchies
#4 Freedom in the matrix
#5 Personalities instead of penguins
#6 Development instead of Up or Out
#7 New Work - We live what we advise
#8 We rely on colourful diversity
#9 Take some time off, too
#10 Generalist or specialist
#11 Always on the move - worldwide with the heart of Cologne
#12 Contacts for life

Our New-Work work landscape

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Appreciative and employee-friendly culture in the consulting industry?

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