Young Consultant Network

The international network of young consultants

The Young Consultant Network (YCN) includes the young consultants at Detecon in order to implement joint activities and help shape the DTC culture. Each year, a board is elected which represents and contributes the interests and ideas of the YCs to the management.

The goal of the current YCN board is to strengthen itself in 5 areas:


  1. Transform: Exchange at all levels and influence on company developments
  2. Connect: Implementation of YCN Trips, YC Exchange in our global offices, YCN Office Visits as well as the organization and implementation of the companies X-mas Parts
  3. Involve: Determination of YC Ambassadors as well as YC Onboarding actions and knowledge exchange
  4. Personal Growth: conducting trainings
  5. Impact: Implementation of national and international Pro Bono projects and a YC Startup Competition

Based on the motto: Building on a proactive mindset, we want to connect and integrate all YCs worldwide in order to promote effective participation in personal development and company transformation.

You can expect cool YCN lunches and joint trips, intensive exchange, a large pool of knowledge and motivated international colleagues. Through the Young Consulting Network colleagues become friends - support is guaranteed. We promote the growth of our talents and thus that of Detecon through personal interaction and excellent cooperation.

Our YCN Event in Tel Aviv

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Impressions from this year's YCN Event in Tel Aviv

Impressions and voices from the network for the YCN event:

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