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Fundraising-Project for development organisation l'appel

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Sophia, Consultant & Sarah, Consultant

Last year Sophia and Sarah got the chance to be part of the ProBono Detecon project team "L'appel". The project received the WiWo Best of Consulting Award in the ProBono category in 2017. In the interview, they tell us how the project came about and how Detecon supports the development organization with their project work.

How did the project with L'appel come about?

Our Young Consultant Network (YCN) is a worldwide community of business analysts and consultants of Detecon and helps young colleagues in their onboarding to make new contacts and network at Detecon. YCN is also involved in various social projects and organises joint events to strengthen the network. In addition, it selects a ProBono project every six months, which is supported by young consultants from Detecon on a voluntary basis. This time the choice fell on a fundraising project of the development aid organisation L'appel. A colleague of ours, David Biertz, has been an active member of the organization since his student days. We started the project with a total of 6 colleagues.

What exactly does L'appel do?

L'appel is an NGO start-up founded by students from Cologne ( The work of L'appel focuses on two communities: Makeni in Sierra Leone and Kiruhura in Rwanda. The appeals of the local people have revealed a need for action in the following three areas: Strengthening health, enabling education and supporting empowerment. On the basis of these three fields of activity, L'appel pursues a modern and holistic approach to development cooperation. The vision is to achieve a self-determined life for every human being. This could be a self refinancing scholarship programme, a part-time boarding school with extracurricular support or small business support - old concepts are broken up and rethought and implemented together with the people on site.

How did the project turn out?

In order to ensure the long-term continuation of its successful aid projects, L'appel needed a sustainable fundraising concept. Donations and financial flows should also be predictable and stable beyond the short-term horizon in order to secure and expand the financial basis of many health and education projects.

To this end, we first organized a kickoff with a small team from L'appel in order to understand the challenges and problems of L'appel in detail. We proceeded methodically with the problem Solving Worksheet and defined together what we will work on over the next three months. Finally, the following four thematic areas emerged:

  •     Fundraising: Analysis of donor groups and optimisation of donor approach
  •     CRM tool: Benchmarking analysis of possible tools to manage donors
  •     Definition of KPIs: On the measurability of the success of fundraising campaigns
  •     Team communication & organisation: tips for working in fluctuating teams

We then formed subteams for these four areas, which dealt intensively with the individual topics. Depending on requirements, there were also further consultations with L'appel to clarify questions and better understand the current situation. In addition, our partners Jürgen Padberg and Michael Meissner supported us methodically and with their experience.  

What have you achieved with the project for L'appel and how will it go on?

We have developed concrete measures for a systematic fundraising strategy, including target-group-specific approaches to private donors, companies, foundations and institutions. At the core of our work was also a detailed analysis and subsequent configuration of suitable CRM tools, which were to organize KPI-controlled reporting and relationship management with all donors as interactively and transparently as possible. But we were also able to pass on valuable tips from our day-to-day consulting work, such as which collaboration tools such as Slack and Trello help scattered teams to ensure that no knowledge is lost and a good flow of communication is established. Our findings were then presented to the L'appel team in a final overall presentation.

We are still in contact and support L'appel, for example through fundraising campaigns and information stands at our internal Detecon events. At our 40-year celebration in summer 2017, for example, we not only launched a fundraising campaign and drew the attention of our colleagues to L'appel's projects, but also togetherness together with L'appel to the completion of our project.

What was particularly fun for you?

It was great to support such a committed association as L'appel with our consulting know-how for a good cause. On top also received confirmation for our work with the victory of the WiWo Best of Consulting Awards 2017 in the ProBono category. Especially for a small club like L'appel this was a good opportunity to get more recognition all over Germany.

Even if such a project requires more time, the fun and the learning effect prevails. We can only recommend every young consultant to use this opportunity to work on a ProBono project, because it is really a great team spirit and you can really make a difference. So take the chance!

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