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Kamran, Consultant

Kamran studied International Business at a business school in London and completed the international trainee program of Deutsche Telekom AG after graduating. After his first experiences in the telecommunications industry, he joined Detecon in January 2016 and has accompanied our customers in their digital transformation ever since.

As a young consultant in a management consultancy that focuses on technology and digitisation, the topic "Innovation/Entrepreneurship" plays an important role for me personally. Enthusiastic about future-oriented companies like Amazon, Google and Uber, I want to support our customers in their efforts to be innovative. The statements "If you rest, you rust" or "stagnation is backlog" have never affected companies as much as in today's digital age. They are constantly challenged to develop new and further so that they remain competitive. In order to successfully support precisely these companies or customers, it is important to deal with the topic of "Innovation/Entrepreneurship" yourself and this is given in all facets at Detecon. In our projects, our way of working (methodology & tools) and our internal activities.

My personal highlight was a project in Silicon Valley with the task of defining the corporate and product strategy for the startup MobiledgeX, newly founded by Deutsche Telekom. The exciting part was to accompany the new Edge Computing technology, one of the biggest current trends, together with heavyweights from the Valley from a concept to its actual implementation.

However, the project in the Valley is no exception for an innovative project, but only one example of many. In my first project I was allowed to participate in the lighthouse project "Pan IP/Pan Net" of Deutsche Telekom. At the beginning of 2016, the project represented a true revolution in the telecommunications industry with its idea of centralized production of telecommunications services through a centralized cloud infrastructure for 12 national companies of Deutsche Telekom.

In such projects, daily work is characterized by dealing with challenges that have never existed in this form before and working out solutions accordingly. It is helpful here that we always access the latest methods (e.g. agile project management, design thinking) and tools (e.g. slack, box, zoom).

In general, we deal with all innovative topics such as AI, IoT, Blockchain, AR, Advanced Analytics, 5G and much more.  With our office in San Francisco, the Detecon Innovation Institute, we are close to the events in the Valley. In addition to project work, Detecon attaches great importance to developing internal topics. Together with a few colleagues, we have launched the Digital Proposal. The basic idea of the digital proposal is to digitize the customer's offer - an idea that does not yet exist in this form. We found our biggest supporter of this initiative in our CEO Heinrich Arnold himself, who gave us the appropriate platform for presenting the idea and promoting its professional implementation.

The Young Consulting Network is a network consisting of Detecon's young consultants with a maximum of two years of company affiliation. Our motto last year was to promote our own intrapreneurship through a stronger proactive mindset and to act as innovators. We organised a trip to Athens lasting several days to exchange ideas with some successful Greek startups and to complete a training course on prototyping. Another trip took us to Tel Aviv and a visit to the Cyber Defense Center to learn more about cyber security, another current trend.

The examples listed above are only an excerpt of the central role of innovation and entrepreneurship at Detecon and how to come into daily contact with it. Be it in projects, internal activities or in cooperation with colleagues and customers. It helps me to live out and further promote my enthusiasm for innovation.

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