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Internship Diary: My first 30 days at Detecon

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Johannes, Intern

Internships are like rainbows - they come in many colours, have a (tension) arc and can sometimes stretch quite a bit. Basically, you never know in advance what to expect in the new company. Today I would like to take you behind the scenes of Detecon International GmbH and tell you about my first 30 days.

In my consulting internship I mainly work on a business development project for a customer, who in turn works together with a large German automobile manufacturer (OEM). We help our customers to work out their own innovation potential for OEMs and to communicate it convincingly. To this end, we are working on use cases for new technologies (data analytics, blockchain, edge computing, cyber security) and ways to present them successfully. In concrete terms, this means: market and trend research, brainstorming, ideation, business model canvas, powerpoint. For me, this is particularly interesting because you can generally incorporate very broad knowledge and discuss all sorts of questions: Is this an attractive business model for OEMs? Does an end customer need this? Is this the right level of innovation for the OEM?

26.02. – 04.03.
This week began atypically - with a retreat. At the same time, one is somehow still a student. In my case, however, this was no problem, I was able to take time off at very short notice to go to Düsseldorf on Monday and write the exam there.

The week continued with the decision making for our new innovation topic. In the project we want to be able to approach our customer every month with use cases on a new topic. For this purpose, I primarily conducted a market research and consolidated the results into a topic overview, which could then be used as the basis for a topic decision.

That, of course, requires a lot of internal coordination. Since the people involved in our project are scattered around various locations (Berlin, Cologne, Bonn, Stuttgart), we solve this via regular telephone conferences. Therefore it is not absolutely necessary to go to the office to be able to work effectively. Of course, one also meets from time to time in person - there is no danger of loneliness.

At Detecon you are very free in your fields of activity, if you are interested in any topic, you can easily work on it. On Friday, for example, I took part in a workshop on social media recruiting. Detecon is growing and wants to continue growing, that's why she needs you. We have thought of a number of measures to give interested potential colleagues helpful insights into the company - this internship diary is just one of them.

05.03. – 11.03.
During your stay at Detecon, you will have the opportunity to participate in training courses on various topics relevant to consulting ((agile) project management, rhetoric, introductions to various tools...). This Monday I visited one about Powerpoint Slide Design. Sounds unspectacular, but extremely important in a field that lives from presentations.

Afterwards we continued a bit more regularly - with use case work on our new monthly topic - blockchain. Here, of course, a great deal of fine-tuning can be carried out until we reach a result with which everyone involved agrees. So again various Skype conferences, especially with another trainee from the Digital Engineering Center in Berlin.

On Wednesday was a day of travel - your travel volume always depends on the project. At the moment it is still limited for me, but for a successful internship you should definitely not have any railway phobia. For me it went to Stuttgart today. Our customer has a location here where various ends of our project converge. Friends of the office safari will definitely get their money's worth.

Back in Cologne, back to the use cases. In the next step we presented our current status to some colleagues who had dealt with the subject in greater depth and collected praise, as well as various suggestions for change.

12.03. – 18.03.
The next week was a little shorter again. On March 17th I wrote another retreat and was again able to take Friday off at very short notice. So far, all Detecon employees have seemed very flexible to me in this respect. They show understanding for the fact that you are a little more stressed at the moment. Personally, I like it very much.

Apart from that we continued to work on the usecases and incorporated feedback from the previous week. I was also able to present the results of my market research to another potential T-Systems customer. Your performance will be taken seriously in any case, even if you are still at the very beginning of your career as an intern.

19.03. – 25.03.
The amount of work was not less this week for the time being. We aggregated some of our already developed use cases into three stories with a central topic, which our customer wanted to present at one of his customer meetings.

At the same time I took over the documentation of a customer workshop with employees of the OEM - a rather important tool for customer loyalty. In order not to forget the common cooperation, one sends as attractive a document as possible afterwards, which covers all presentations and Workshop results of the date. In this way, discussed topics remain in the memory and can be deepened directly. Of course, the preparations for something like this can always take some time - there is a lot of potential for coordination with the participants in order to present the results in a meaningful way. Once you have finished, however, the well-earned leisure time feels all the more pleasant.

So much for my month. In summary: Exciting topics, lots to do, no boredom. Understanding colleagues who value your input and are happy to help you.

For me, the internship goes a little further, but it was definitely worth it already now. If you have also got desire: Digital Minds are wanted! 

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