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Hildegard, Consultant

Hildegard (26) studied Business Administration (with a focus on Corporate Development and Strategy) in Aachen and Corporate Management in Shanghai. In February 2017, she joined Detecon as a business analyst in the former Cluster International.

After two onboarding days and the introduction by my assigned buddy, I quickly learned what is important at Detecon. I got to know the basic conditions and experienced which milestones have to be reached in order to develop professionally and personally.

Detecon has defined various areas in which one can get involved - including Project, Knowledge, People and Client. In each of these dimensions you make your contribution - the role you play depends on the respective career level. This concept introduces you right from the start to take on more responsibility step by step while expanding your knowledge. The PDL (People Development Leader) is helpful here. You will discuss your goals with him at regular intervals and set the next milestones. This will ensure your personal and professional development. Since the PDL usually knows Detecon very well, it provides useful advice and knows who is the best contact for which topics. The touchpoints with the PDL enabled me to get a clear picture of where I started, where I want to go in the long term and which milestones have to be mastered. This transparency and Detecon's open feedback culture offer me the best surround for personal growth and the achievement of my professional goals.

At Detecon, we also live a matrix organization with Industrial Practices (IP) in the Verticals and Functional Practices (FP) in the Horizontal Layers. Each employee is assigned to a specific IP or FP according to his or her thematic focus. The PDL team can also be found in the matrix field. For me, the FP Core Functions and Optimization. We are primarily concerned with all "typical business topics" that make up every company. These include HR, strategy, marketing as well as governance, finance and reorganization topics. The exciting thing is that I can participate in projects on these topics across industries or focus on one industry. In the area of knowledge development and further development, particular support is given to the area to which one is assigned. Since my academic background is also business administration, it is very cool for me to develop my knowledge and specialize in specific industries. Since I am currently particularly interested in the telco sector, I combine my business administration knowledge with technology/technology topics in this area. But you can also learn more about IP mobility, manufacturing or health. The great thing about the organisation structure is that in FP you have the option to choose your projects in a varied way (sometimes an HR project, sometimes a reorganisation project, etc.) or to specialise in topics - for example, only marketing projects are accepted (provided, of course, that this role is always sought in the projects to be staffed).

The great thing about Detecon as a whole is that there are many possibilities in the various matrix areas to achieve its goals. Many roads lead to Rome. This large selection allows you to choose your tasks in such a way that they are "tailored" to your needs - which of course provides an incredibly high level of motivation. You do exactly what you like. The more creative you are, the more varied your working day will be - so you won't get bored J Through proactivity and networking you can find great work teams, bring in new ideas and work with people with whom you are not necessarily on projects (e.g. through different thematic focuses). The more one offers oneself and talks to colleagues, the more one learns which interesting topics one can pursue within Detecon.

Since you work a lot of your time, I think it's very important to have a job that's fun and fulfilling. When students consult with management consultancies, the argument often comes up that as a consultant a balanced work-life balance is not possible. However, I have to say from my own experience that it is possible to make a career at Detecon and at the same time one's private life is not neglected. The clue here is to set your own priorities straight. When I know what life really matters to me and when I need a break, then you learn to set limits and how to become more efficient in using your time, because time is the most precious commodity you can give. Detecon offers many training courses, including training in time management. I learned to combine professional and private life - to create a personally healthy time management. Since each PDL has a team among them, as already mentioned briefly, it makes sense to get to know each other better through team events, among other things. Close cooperation, team events, internal training, after-work events, etc. quickly turn colleagues into friends - we also often talk about the Detecon family.

My personal tip for your career at Detecon:
The first step is to think about what you want to achieve in what time frame and with what commitment. Then you can look around and listen to what possibilities exist to achieve these goals. In the next step, you should consider what options are right for you personally and how you can match the tasks with your private life. In the last and most important step you should approach these points openly, motivated and committed. In this way, you will make your way both privately and professionally balanced at Detecon.

Da man einen Großteil seiner Zeit arbeitet, glaube ich, dass es sehr wichtig, einen Job zu haben, der Spaß macht und erfüllend ist. Wenn man sich als Student bzgl. Unternehmensberatungen umhört, kommt oft das Argument, dass als Consultant keine ausgewogene Work-Life Balance möglich ist. Jedoch muss ich aus eigener Erfahrung sagen, dass es bei Detecon möglich ist Karriere zu machen und gleichzeitig das Privatleben nicht zu kurz kommt. Clue hierbei ist es, eigene Prioritäten straight zu setzen. Wenn ich weiß was mir im Leben wirklich wichtig ist und wann ich eine Pause brauche, dann lernt man auch Grenzen zu setzten und wie man effizienter beim Einsatz der eigenen Zeit wird, denn Zeit ist das kostbarste Gut, das man geben kann. Detecon bietet viele Trainings an, u.a. auch Trainings zu Zeitmanagement. Dabei habe ich gelernt berufliches und privates zu verbinden – um ein für mich persönlich gesundes Zeitmanagement zu schaffen. Dadurch, dass jeder PDL ein Team unter sich hat, wie bereits kurz erwähnt, bietet es sich an, sich u.a. durch Teamevents besser kennenzulernen. Durch die enge Zusammenarbeit, Teamevents, internen Trainings, Afterwork Events etc. werden aus Kollegen schnell Freunde – wir sprechen auch oft von der Detecon Familie.

Mein persönlicher Tipp für deine Karriere bei Detecon:

Im ersten Schritt solltest du dir überlegen, was du in welchem Zeitrahmen und mit welchem Einsatz erreichen willst. Dann kannst du dich umschauen und umhören, welche Möglichkeiten es gibt, diese Ziele zu erreichen. Im nächsten Schritt solltest du dir überlegen, welche Möglichkeiten zu dir persönlich passen und wie du die Aufgaben mit deinem Privatleben matchen kannst. Im letzten und wichtigsten Schritt solltest du offen, motiviert und engagiert diese Punkte angehen. So wirst du sowohl privat als auch beruflich ausgewogen deinen Weg bei Detecon gehen.

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