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"We DETECONnect" is more than just a slogan

Bartosch, Senior Consultant

Bartosch joined Detecon in November 2013 and has a project focus on strategic customer centricity and go-to-market issues, particularly in the telecommunications industry. Before entering the consulting business, he studied International Cultural and Business Studies in Passau and International Management in Prague and Lyon.

As usual for consultants at Detecon, I quickly came up with a project after a short onboarding. In my first assignment I had to jump into at the deep end and was allowed to accompany one of the largest European ERP consolidation programs. In later projects I came to topics around customer centricity (e.g. CX and Customer Journey) as well as digital business models by accompanying the IP transformation in the business customer area. The interaction between technology and business always appeals to me. Two of my projects have taken me abroad. I was allowed to accompany a Telco client on a strategy project in East Africa and was on a project in Southeast Asia within the framework of the Young Consultant Network from our office in Bangkok for 3 months.

In keeping with the slogan "We DETECONnect", the topic network is an integral part of Detecon-DNA. That is the nature of the matter, because DETECON is a management consultancy specialising in ICT. Our daily work is about developing telecommunications and IT into a competitive advantage and making our customers better in the context of digital transformation. But we are not only familiar with technical networks - the proverbial networking is promoted and lived internally.

It starts on the first day: Everyone new to the company gets a buddy for the first few months, who can be pitted against questions regarding internal processes such as travel expenses. In addition, every consultant has the opportunity to find an experienced colleague as a mentor who supports you in finding a project or the next steps in career planning and is also happy to help you with his or her personal network.

Furthermore, there are numerous exciting "knowledge communities" in which you can participate. These are aligned to the consulting fields of DETECON. In these "knowledge groups", younger and older consultants work hand in hand on common topics. Here, experience from projects is passed on, the latest developments on the market observed and completely new cross-functional approaches developed. This knowledge is then used again in very specific customer projects. I am currently working with colleagues on blockchain business models in various industries.

Last but not least, there are many internal events where you can network: Whether company celebrations, common breakfasts or sport and leisure groups organized by coworkers themselves. For example, I took part in the relay marathon with colleagues, went skiing in Austria and sailing in Croatia.

Speziell jüngeren Beratern wird eine schnelle und effektive Vernetzung leicht gemacht.  Das Young Consultant Network (YCN) bietet neben Trainings auch gemeinsame Veranstaltungen an. Zwei Mal im Jahr gibt es die Möglichkeit, an einem mehrtägigen Event irgendwo in Europa teilzunehmen. Neben Fortbildungen darf dort auch der Spaß nicht zu kurz kommen. Weiterhin sorgt das YCN dafür, dass die Feedbackkultur der DETECON weiter gefördert wird. In sogenannten Kamingesprächen hat das Management der Fima ein offenes Ohr für Fragen und Anregungen der Berater. Ein weiteres Highlight ist das YCN Austauschprogramm. Damit können junge Berater zeitweise in eines unserer zahlreichen Büros auf der ganzen Welt wechseln und dort auf lokalen Projekten mitarbeiten.

Fast and effective networking is made easy for younger consultants in particular.  The Young Consultant Network (YCN) offers training and joint events. Twice a year there is the possibility to participate in an event lasting several days somewhere in Europe. In addition to further training, there should also be no shortage of fun. Furthermore, the YCN ensures that the feedback culture of DETECON is further promoted. In so-called fireside talks, the management of the company is open to questions and suggestions from the consultants. Another highlight is the YCN exchange program. This allows young consultants to temporarily move to one of our numerous offices around the world and work on local projects there.

Our excellent company culture helps me in my daily work. Furthermore, the very collegial atmosphere has ensured that some of my colleagues have become good friends. Thus it becomes clear that "DETECONnect" is more than just a slogan.

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