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What is Detecon's culture?

Culture @Detecon
Sandra, HR Business Partner & Simone, HR Development Expert

Every employee experiences our corporate culture differently. Sandra, HR Business Partner and Simone, Senior Expert Leadership & Development share their experiences and how they shape Detecon's culture in their role.


Simone: I have been part of Detecon since January 2018 - as an internal consultant and business coach in the area of HR development. Before my time at Detecon, I was in various consulting positions. Most recently with a focus on strategic HR and change management projects. Culture and MindSet are therefore exciting for me from both a Detecon and a professional perspective.

Sandra: I have been a part of Detecon since March 2015, when I was still an intern in HR. After a short time I noticed that things are different at Detecon than in my previous internships. I was an equal team member right from the start and got my own projects - regardless of my career level. Freedom in the way the projects are implemented, especially in terms of space, time, methodology used, but also in terms of content, has been part of it for me ever since. Thanks to the trust I have placed in Detecon, I can grow personally and professionally very quickly. But what does it actually take to be successful at Detecon? For me these are #self-leadership, #ambition, #passion and the willingness to go the #extra mile.

#Freedom #Confidence 

Simone: Right from the start at Detecon, I took over project management for strategic HR projects that make every HR'ler heart beat faster. Without specifications and many guidelines, I was able to participate directly and take responsibility. What does it take and what is expected? The will to drive and shape topics with a lot of #passion and #commitment on the one hand - a lot of #perseverance and #willingness to perform on the other hand.


Simone: At Detecon there are many great colleagues who help you to quickly find your way around the Detecon world. A decisive argument for Detecon was the #heterogeneous composition of the #team -perfect for me to get new food for thought or to enter into a discourse, even if it can sometimes be heated.

Sandra: The trip went on for me as HR Development Specialist. Despite my high level of responsibility, I am never alone with my tasks at Detecon. Support is provided by #great colleagues who are always #ready to help - whether within the consulting or the service teams - and from whom true friendships often arise. Personally, I appreciate the #flat hierarchies as well as the pronounced discussion and feedback culture within the #different teams, which make it possible to look at a topic from many perspectives at any time and thus come to a good result. The regular, sometimes unexpected feedback from all directions helps me a lot to continuously develop myself professionally and personally - even if it is sometimes a bit strenuous to deal with my own fields of development again and again.


#SelfLeadership #Development

Simone: A great asset of Detecon for me as an employee on the one hand, but also as an HR employee and as a business coach and expert for leadership on the other hand, is the topic of self-leadership.

What does that mean? Before it is a matter of leading others, we at Detecon attach importance to dealing with what it means to lead ourselves. This means that all Deteconers, from the business analyst, through the service staff, to the partner, are specifically guided to self-reflection. An ideal basis for working with others: be it on a project with the client, in a team or in terms of leadership.

#Creational #Chaotic #Over-the-earth

Simone: At the same time, self-leadership is the decisive competence for making targeted use of the wide scope of design that is given to you at Detecon.        

Many specifications and processes, as in a company, do not exist at Detecon. We like to be a little different here - maybe a little chaotic in some places, but it's also common to look beyond one's own nose. It is important to take and shape topics. New exciting topics can simply be tried out - or personal strengths and focuses, such as business coaching, can be deepened.

Sandra: Throughout my time at Detecon it was always possible to look beyond the horizon. New ideas or suggestions for improvement are always welcome, not only in the direct area of responsibility, but also beyond. If you are willing to push an idea forward and simply try out #, you can still design quite a lot in the Detecon. As HR Business Partner I am now even closer to the people at Detecon who shape our #People business. And I am looking forward to continue to be part of this family and to continue to shape the culture with passion in the future.


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