Strategy & Company ReBuilding

Are you interested in projects in the areas of strategy, innovation, marketing or sales? Our teams bring together specialist knowledge as well as holistic economic knowledge.

Insights @Detecon: Company ReBuilding

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Delila, Business Analyst & Jaqueline, Consultant tell about their topics and about what makes a consultant with us

Your career opportunities at Detecon

Start your consulting career as a business analyst or join the company as a consultant with professional experience after completing your Master's degree. Gain project experience and develop your expertise to climb further up the career ladder.

You can choose the partner track or you can choose the expert track as your career goal. You feel comfortable at your career level and would like to expand your knowledge further? We are open to that too, because we focus on you and your personal development. We are not up-or-out consulting and enable you to go your individual way at Detecon.

Individual Career Model
Our career steps at Detecon
Kachel kreativ

What unites our colleagues in this area

Whether graduate, consultant experience, start-up or corporate background. We are a heterogeneous but well-played team whose strength lies in our shared values and incentives:

  • Curiosity, creativity and innovative drive
  • Do-gooders and fine tuners
  • Passionate problem solvers who enjoy conceptual work
  • Master's or diploma in psychology, economics or anything with media
  • Revolutionaries and process optimizers

Your benefits @Detecon

This and much more we offer you

#1 Flexibility
#2 Network
#3 Interdisciplinary Teams
#4 Steep learning curve
#5 Great training landscape

What initiatives say about us

Jobs in the area CompanyRebuilding, Core Funtctions, NewWork &Strategy

(Junior) Consultant Digital Transformation (m/f/d)Berlin, Cologne, Frankfurt, Munich

Would you like to learn more about getting started in this area?

Our colleagues will be happy to explain which projects in our areas CompanyRebuilding, NewWork, Core Functions, Strategy & Innovation are waiting for you:

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