Diversity has many faces

Personal and cultural diversity ensure better quality of work and life in an increasingly digitalized and globalized world. As an international consulting company with approximately 1300 collegues from over 40 countries, the diverse potential of our employees is key to our success.

We want to ensure that our employees feel comfortable living their individuality. By signing the Charter of Diversity, we have therefore committed ourselves to dealing with diversity in a positive and respectful manner. Through our Diversity Statement, we carry this mindset into the organization as a concrete guide to action. It reaffirms our commitment to diversity, justice and inclusion and that these values are firmly anchored ​​in our corporate culture.

The Diversity Statement expresses the cultural belief of Detecon and it is an obligation for each and everyone: To ensure a safe and professional work environment in which all people feel valued, respected and are treated fairly.

Diversity Statement

Diversity opens up a wide range of perspectives

We see diversity as an asset that brings decisive advantages. In diverse teams it is possible to arrive at more creative and innovative solutions, which are made possible by different perspectives. Teams with people from different industries or educational backgrounds can think through entrepreneurial challenges from different perspectives, view them holistically and thus come up with promising and innovative solutions. We at Detecon therefore support diversity among our employees in order to increase the success of our clients as well as that of our company.

In contrast to other consulting firms, we support different career development speeds with our consultants. By this adaptable organization of career models as well as by flexible working hours we make it possible for employees in most different life situations to adjust their work to their life. Not the other way around. In our company, we do not only want to give "standard consultants" the opportunity to evolve and further develop themselves completely, but focus on individuals and "edgy personalities" as well.

Do you have questions about diversity?

For further information on our understanding of diversity and how it is lived here at Detecon, please contact us:

Simone Erven
Simone Erven
HR Development Expert
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