Networking @Detecon

"We DETECONnect" is more than just a slogan


In keeping with the slogan "We DETECONnect", the topic of "networking" is an integral part of DETECON's DNA. This is in the nature of things, because DETECON is a management consultancy specializing in ICT. Our daily work is all about turning telecommunications and IT into a competitive advantage as well as making our customers better in the context of digital transformation. But we are not only familiar with technical networks - the proverbial networking is promoted and lived internally.

Our (Young) Consultant Network

When you start at Detecon, you will be supported by the Young Consultant Network (YCN), a worldwide network of our young Detecon colleagues. At a higher level, you can become involved in the Consultant Network (CN) and benefit from a large network of experienced seniors.


Our mentoring program aims to provide our consultants with needs-based, voluntary and intensive support from experienced consultants. A mentor advises you on your personal development. In this way, you can benefit from each other's experience.


The Buddy Program was created to make your start at Detecon easier. Experienced consultants of the same field and career level support our new employees in "arriving and finding their way" at Detecon.


Your People Development Leader (PDL) is responsible for your professional and personal development. Your PDL assumes the role of your supervisor and supports you in your positioning at Detecon. You will also receive constant information and feedback.

Knowledge Squads

In our Knowledge Squads you can get involved and contribute your knowledge. Our success is built on our employees and their knowledge. It is therefore all the more important for us to share this knowledge in order to learn from each other.