“Best of Consulting” Award: Detecon Takes Home Two Honors!

WirtschaftsWoche honors successful consulting projects

  • First place in the category “Organization” with the “We.Work.New” project, defining the new working world and methods at T-Systems
  • Third place in the category “Special Award for Digitalization” for “Digital Skills Compass” at Uniper

Cologne/Düsseldorf, 24 November 2021.  The management and technology consultancy Detecon was the recipient of two awards announced during the renowned “Best of Consulting” competition organized annually by Wirtschaftswoche. At the conclusion of the competition, Detecon won first place in the category “Organization” for “We.Work.New,” a project for the definition of a new working world and methods for the ICT service provider T-Systems. In the category “Special Award for Digitalization,” the consultants took third place for the “Digital Skills Compass” advanced training program for the energy utility Uniper. The teams headed by the project leaders Verena Vinke (We.Work.New) and Volker Rieger (Digital Skills Compass) accepted the awards during a festive gala event at the InterContinental Hotel Düsseldorf on 23 November.


WeWorkNew geschnitten
We.Work.New: F.l.t.r.: Mod. S. Schöne, Nathalie Klein, Anna Frielingsdorf (both Detecon), Patricia Omitogun-Meyer (T-Systems), Laudator Neuhäuser (BDU)

Working in the New Normal: As happened to so many during the pandemic, 28,000 employees of the ICT service provider T-Systems at locations around the world found themselves working from home from one day to the next. T-Systems took advantage of this moment of change to design a new, hybrid working world (“We.Work.New”) that would combine the best of various worlds such as “office” and “home.” The concepts were developed in collaboration with the consultants and New Work experts at Detecon; fields of action at the heart of the transformation included People, Places, Tools, and Organization. For instance, the teams devised new office concepts establishing clear criteria for activity-based working that would determine whether activities could be conducted in the office, at home, or while on the go. Unneeded space was reduced, and in its place, ten central “Meet and Connect Hubs” were set up as sites of interaction and creative work. Learning journeys, guidelines, change initiatives, and numerous digital tools and technologies all enable employees to apply new methods flexibly and productively in this modern working world.

“Whenever the world around us changes, we should also rethink the way we work,” said Jennifer Bath, program manager of We.Work.New at T-Systems in explaining the motivation behind the major project. “We want to give people the opportunity to utilize new and better working methods and to strengthen identification. The positive feedback clearly reveals that customers as well as employees perceive us to be pioneers in New Work and digital collaboration.” Project manager Verena Vinke from Detecon elucidated the success factors of the large-scale project: “We deliberately took the path of the employee experience, which was not limited to a redesigned office and greater flexibility and self-organization; a further element was the provision of modern, digital tools that are actually fun to use. A fundamental prerequisite for viable New Work is that all these dimensions and fields of action are addressed.” 

Further Information on "New Work, Agility & Culture"

Compass for Digital Transformation

In the “Special Award for Digitalization,” the Detecon consultants led by Managing Partner Volker Rieger took third place with their project “Digital Skills Compass.” The team developed a future-oriented advanced training program for the energy utility Uniper that would teach employees — power plant engineers and energy traders alike — the skills they need for the digital energy world. Based on competency models, multi-stage learning journeys were set up to develop the new competencies in the necessary depth. The capabilities Uniper is creating in this program range from agile working with Scrum and DevOps to knowledge of algorithms and coding to an understanding of the analysis and interpretation of data. As one objective is to address the various types of learning personalities, a broad spectrum of analog and digital learning formats is offered; participants can choose from among brain snacks (i.e., short “information morsels” in the form of videos, podcasts, or articles), informally organized bar camp sessions, community formats such as lean coffee sessions, and other possibilities. 

Detecon project manager Volker Rieger explained the program in this way: “In addition to the clear competency model and the innovative learning principle of the learning journeys, the decisive factor for the success and the high acceptance of the program is the selection or development of all of the contents by internal experts and specialists that featured immediate relevance of all topics for daily work. We support the experts with a portfolio of learning modules as well as assistance in the use of didactics. A new culture of learning has been created at Uniper.”

Stephan van Aaken, SVP Digital Trading at Uniper: “Our determined focus is on digitalization. Not one single division or department of our company is bypassed by this transformation encompassing a plethora of topics. A learning culture in which employees are motivated to develop on their own initiative and to take responsibility for their own continuing education is crucial for success. The “Digital Skills Compass” takes an excellent approach to this engagement and the diversity of learning personalities.”

Werner Hub and Hermann Weber, who are in charge of concept, pilot, and rollout in the Assets division at Uniper, emphasized: “The program has been very well received. We are very proud that around 90 percent of the participants have said they would like to take part in further learning journeys. Certainly one reason for this is that we apply modern and accessible methods to communicate knowledge relevant to the future of our business.”

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alle Uniper
F.l.t.r.: Nasre Bensouda (Uniper), Samuel Schwab, Anna-Lena Metzger (Uniper), Vanessa Maier, Kiana Gemünd, Stephan van Aaken (Uniper), Volker Rieger
Rieger Bühne Seite
Honor on stage: F.l.t.r.: Kiana Gemünd, Volker Rieger, Vanessa Maier


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