Automation Excellence

from the series „Trends for the Next Decade“ (#8)

Automation Excellence

Are you tired of having your business processes dictated by legacy systems?

Everyday business processes often depend on existing legacy systems. Therefore, in order to generate efficiencies, extensive adjustments to the IT landscape are necessary. The use of RPA enables business processes to be optimized without changing the existing IT systems. RPA is thus a mediator between systems and creates an end-to-end process flow.

Our recommended actions

#1 Analyze processes and check for RPA relevance.

#2 Optimization before automating processes is critical.

#3 Ensure change management and communication efforts so that staff and RPA are aligned early on.

#4 Define responsibilities between RPA owner, IT department and business side.

#5 Build expertise within the organization to implement RPA solutions and operate the infrastructure.

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