Socially Responsible and Environmentally Aware Actions

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Practicing Responsibility

Acting in awareness of our social responsibility and the environment is an integral component of our business strategy. Our position as a management consultancy operating on an international scale demands that we do our part to drive forward the sustained development of economy and society. One aspect of our contribution to these efforts is the directed application of our knowledge for the further development of social initiatives. Our embodiment of values such as integrity, sustainability, and appreciation of others is not limited by the walls of our consulting company and to client projects, but extends to socially oriented initiatives. We focus especially on guiding these initiatives through a time of great changes – the age of digital transformation.


We Embody Sustainability in Our Actions

We passionately devote our work, day for day, to the development of sustainable solutions, innovations, and business models which have a positive impact on society and the environment. We pay especially close attention to the cross-industry development of these new solutions that contribute to sustainable change. Every year, we conduct two pro bono projects on behalf of selected initiatives with a social or ecological focus within the framework of the initiative Volunteers and Ventures so that we sustainably create added value outside of our client projects as well.


Integral Business

Global trends and transformations in society and the environment are having an increasingly important impact on companies and their business processes. If they are to meet successfully the social, technological, and environmental challenges facing them, companies must rethink their current business models, structures, and methods and adapt them in consideration of changes in general conditions. Detecon interprets corporate responsibility as the productive utilization of integrated management and technology know-how from an economic and social perspective.


Support for Your Project - Detecon Initiative Volunteers and Ventures

Engaged employees are the pillars of our corporate social responsibility (CSR) concept. Detecon Volunteers and Ventures is an initiative of the Young Consultants Network (YCN) – our in-house network for our young consultants. Within the framework of this initiative, we guide social entrepreneurs, foundations, citizen initiatives, or associations with a social objective in the realization of their goals. Detecon supports two outstanding projects every year by offering free consulting services in areas relevant for ICT. These pro bono projects give our young consultants the opportunity, right at the start of their careers, to take on responsibility for social changes and to recognize at an early stage of their lives the significance of sustained initiatives. The high quality of the project results is assured by the support of experienced consultants during the realization of the projects.

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Successfully Supported Projects

Learn about our best-known pro bono projects

• Our young consultants in the Young Consultants Network have for several years been successfully conducting projects in various areas that in the long term contribute to environmentally aware and socially responsible actions

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