Detecon has established itself worldwide as an important partner for the key-players in various industries when it comes to ICT-supported business models and technology. In Asia, our focus is still very clearly on the telecommunication sector, where we have proven ourselves in the last 31 years with projects for operators, suppliers and regulatory authorities. Detecon - it’s the specialist who makes the difference.


Helping to deal with individual challenges

Asian fixed and mobile network operators are facing extreme challenges: while some are operating in highly developed and saturated markets, others are still having to deal with partially underdeveloped infrastructures in rural areas. With the complete range of expertise and many years of international experience, Detecon Asia-Pacific has a broad service portfolio to help these telecommunications operators to deal with their own individual challenges. 


Delivering customized support to suppliers

The continuous changes in the telecommunications market present suppliers with a long, and growing, list of challenges. Detecon Asia-Pacific has profound experience all along the value chain of the telecommunications industry and is thus in a perfect position to deliver customized support to suppliers.


Outstanding service offerings for regulatory authorities

Detecon Asia-Pacific has proven itself as a competent partner for regulators throughout the world and offers innovative solutions based on its excellent project record and global best practice.

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Thomas Kessler
Thomas Kessler
Head of Business Development in Asia-Pacific

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