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Our ability to look at a subject from multiple angles enables us to always find the best solution for you. To make our service excellent, our holistic expertise is completed by our philosophy:

Our attitude: forward thinking

We are not only part of the ICT industry – we are shaping it. This means, that we never throw our cap over the mill. Other than many consultancies, we only offer solutions which can be fully implemented. In this way we ensure that our customers constantly stay one step ahead.

Our service: outstanding

One of our company principles states that we are driven by customers delight. These words are not empty but have impact. Our unique ICT focus and service quality consistently result in high customer satisfaction. If you have tried our services once, you are very likely to engage us a second time – because we will deliver maximum quality and you will not accept second best ever again.

Our style: committed

We see ourselves as a part of the Southeast Asian ICT market and feel closely connected to the region and its people. We feel obliged to always give best performance for our customers and will not stop before we know you are fully satisfied.


Detecon – contributing to the Asian development since 1985

It was in 1985 when we took our first steps on Asian ground. At this time, we were appointed to a project in Thailand, which was part of the governmental development plan. Back then, we were working under the name of DNN Telecommunications in cooperation with another European Consulting Company.

Although being only five employees, a few years later and directly after ending this project, we were assigned to assist the implementation of Thailand’s first private funded telecommunications project, which created access to telecommunications for the Thai mass market for the first time. Meanwhile, and especially during the first half of the nineties, Detecon supported the implementation of development goals in many different projects all over Asia. In most cases, we worked with governments or financial development institutions such as the World Bank, ADB or the German KfW. As we were a purely technology consulting firm by this time, we were able to deliver just the service, which was needed by developing economies and projects during this time.

The end of the nineties and turn of millennium also brought a turn in the history of telecommunications: with the growth of mobile phone usage and internet, the demand for ICT consulting in Asia grew beyond development topics. Furthermore, the telecommunications sector began to be privatized in more markets and the demand for consulting changed. In 2002, Detecon International and Diebold, a strategy consulting company, merged. Now, competencies of technical and management consulting were combined under one roof. This change allowed Detecon Asia-Pacific Ltd. to strengthen our offering in the Asian market. Operators, regulators and carriers became our main customers.

Along with these structural changes, demand increased, which subsequently fed further expansion. This led to the foundation of Detecon Asia-Pacific Ltd., and the former representative office was turned into a legal entity in 2005. Today, our multifaceted experts not only address the more specialized needs of our customers, but also develop state-of-the-art topics with international relevance.

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