Expertise in other Industries

Detecon has established itself worldwide as an important partner for the key-players in various industries when it comes to ICT-supported business models and technology. In Asia, our focus is still very clearly on the telecommunication sector, where we have proven ourselves in the last 31 years with projects for operators, suppliers and regulatory authorities. Detecon - it’s the specialist who makes the difference.

Public Sector

Rethinking structures

The era of ICT is allowing the public sector to rethink structures. Detecon supports governments in all aspects of ICT based solutions, for example in the planning and implementation of e-government and e-governance to improve efficiency, optimize costs, and achieve a higher level of convenience.

Beyond this, ICT is gaining importance as a basis for the development and competitiveness of a country and thereby is an inherent part of all development master plans and roadmaps. Detecon supports multinational organisations in the implementation of these plans with solution-oriented approaches. 

Media & Online

New possibilities through ICT

ICT has led to comprehensive changes for traditional media, and the internet is offering new possibilities for the industry every day.

The supply of and demand for information, entertainment-on-demand and interactive communication is constantly growing. As a consequence of immature intellectual property rights protection or technological lags, media and online companies often fail in the implementation of demand-oriented solutions.

Detecon can help companies from the media and online sector to find solutions which meet and exceed all legal, commercial and technical requirements.


ICT is forcing utilities to change their strategies

The era of ICT is forcing utilities to change their strategies. In liberalized markets in particular, where utilities have to deal with competitors, the main focus on the value chain has shifted to customer relations.

Hot topics like “Smart home” offer new possibilities to customers, but at the same time require whole new ICT Systems. Detecon offers end-to-end services to utility providers, starting from strategic roadmaps to improvements in the CRM systems or the implementation of ICT service platforms.

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Thomas Kessler
Thomas Kessler
Head of Business Development in Asia-Pacific
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