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Knowing what customers really want

Long-lasting and profitable relationships with customers are the key to market success. Our consulting portfolio ranges from the definition of CRM strategy to the design of tailored CRM applications to process design. As we do our work, we consider topics centered on customers and interactions such as customer service, sales and campaign management, the management of customer ties and loyalty, the crossover design of distribution and service channels, and the design of a customer experience which is consistent across all of the points of contact.


Making sense of customer data with artificial intelligence

Making sense of data, both structured and unstructured, is something that artificial intelligence is becoming increasingly proficient at. This article highlights how artificial intelligence is improving the way companies perform customer relationship management activities, from sales & marketing to customer care.

Analogos Digitalis - Education is key

The transformation from an analog to a digital world has progressed virtually unnoticed by many people. Dr. Reinhard Schwarz uses the communications industry as an example to demonstrate clearly that digital transformation would not have been possible wi more

Digital Customer Service as a Mission

A lack of time to take care of everyday personal matters and frustration handling annoying errands were the triggers behind the idea to create a mobile assistance service. The startup Sixtyone Business is today operating throughout the entire GAS region. Jens Zimmermann, expert for Customer Experience Management, spoke with Sixtyone manager Alexandra Tymann about the asset of customer experience.

Excellence in Big Data Consulting!.

“Made in Germany” is not only a seal of approval for goods produced on German soil, but is a distinction for its Big Data services as well. In „Germany – Excellence in Big Data“ BITKOM presents the key Big Data Focus topics of more than 30 scientific organizations, over 60 technology vendors and more than 40 Big Data users. Detecon is author of the consultancy chapter in this publication

Germany – Excellence in Big Data Consulting

“Made in Germany” is not only a seal of approval for goods produced on German soil, but is a distinction for its consultancy services as well. German consultancies distinguish themselves by longevity, thoroughness and precision in advising clients. Moreover, they master Industry 4.0, have a strong sensibility for security aspects and privacy issues. Please follow the Link for more details!

"Lifeblood factor is decisive" - Interview with Roman Becker CEO of forum!

For the success of customer loyalty building in digital channels the wholehearted customer orientation of the digital service agents is the essential differentiator between being a customer exellency lighthouse or just a unremarkable provider in the sea of options. The importance of emotionalizing of the digital customer contact for the increase and stabilization of the fan-quota is explained here

Big Data in CRM: Instilling Trust by Generating Added Value for Customers

Improving customer relationships and generating added value means above all increasing customers’ trust in the company. Companies must use clear and understandable terms in communicating with their customers about new technologies such as big data, making sure that the customers understand the applications and willingly support their implementation. The following publication explains

Guidelines for Big Data Deployment

Big Data Technologies improve the performance of Telcos and their infrastructure. Moreover they help solving issues in society, like optimizing the planning of road traffic for instance. Clear guidelines are required to implement these solutions. BITKOM has developed together with Detecon a guideline for this.

CRM in the Digital Age - Automotive Industry faces new Opportunities and Challenges

Digitalization offers new opportunities for Automotive OEMs to intensify their customer relations. Besides new communication channels, it is especially „Connected Car“ that provides radical new means for “Connected Customer”. Data Management & Analytics will become key success factor for Digital CRM to enable seamless customer experience across all touch points.

Digital Customer Excellence - Imperative for Customer Satisfaction and Customer Loyalty

Thrilling customer experiences in the digital world are today the key factor for differentiation in competition. A clear digital mission as well as an understanding of customer needs, tailored products and services, and personal support pave the way to digital customer excellence.

Social Walls & Dashboards - How Managers Listen To Customers in Real Time

In the digital era customers meddle actively. Via social media, they briskly exchange experiences concerning products, brands and companies - and, if necessary, give vent to their anger. By using so called "Social Walls", companies are enabled to capture information and react adequately. Our three guest authors explain how customer's feedback directly goes to executives’ suites.

Mom-and-Pop 2.0

No one lived the concept of customer loyalty and customer focus better than the mom-and-pop stores. But the days of the small grocery store around the corner belong to the past. Large discounters and online shops have long since become the dominant force more

Detecon DMR

Megatrend Internet of Things - No Longer in Its Infancy

In context of the digitization, Internet of Things is one of the most frequently discussed trends. Presumably, up to 40 million devices will be connected with one another by 2025. more

Treasure Trove or Pandora´s Box– in which category Big Data falls for your Firm?

Dr. Frank Wisselink of Detecon International conducts in association with Bitkom Akademie an online Seminar; explaining how firms create value by Big Data and which Methods are necessary to achieve this. The Seminar builds upon „The Value of Big Data for a Telco” which course instructor Dr. Frank Wisselink published in the book “Future Telco Reloaded (Course will be conducted in German)

DMR Special

The new DMR Special about "Customer in the Center of Digital Transformation" is published. Interesting articles clarify, How customer relationship management and customer interaction must be developed further so that the opportunities offered by digitalization can be fully exploited?

Customer Experience Management

Although loud proclamations of customer satisfaction as a cherished goal are heard everywhere today, many customers still experience poor service. Companies seem to drag their feet in handling complaints (sometimes seemingly ignoring them completely), and customers have to explain their issues right from the beginning over and over again. A major negative experience of this nature can quickly turn into a so-called “moment of truth”, a crystallization point which decisively influences customer loyalty. But if employees and companies respond appropriately to the situation and exceed their customers’ expectations, even a trigger incident which is initially negative can be transformed into a positive customer experience.

Social Media and Customer Self-Service

Whether we like it or not – markets have become a topic of conversation. Customers surfing the Internet are increasingly better informed and more selective. Generation Y utilizes the highly flexible interactive and mobile communications technologies without a second thought and demands individual and high-quality customer care. At the same time, however, customers’ sensitivity to prices is on the rise, putting even more pressure on companies facing intense competition to improve efficiency and cut costs.

The most important success criteria for the offer of these services are customer orientation, multi-channel perspective, and a strategic, value-oriented approach to contact management. From customers’ viewpoint, self-services must be simple, clear, and secure in the sense that they guarantee data protection. Two trends are significant in this respect. One is that customer service of the future will display an extensive degree of automation owing to the heightened integration of self-services. The second is that social media make it possible to collaborate with customers and to work together with them in shaping the service process.