How can a Digital Maturity Assessment boost your business

The real-time shift from nice-to-have to must-have

by Lucia Hinsen

(The article was originally published on 19.05.2020 here on Medium)

Surely, we all can agree on this — these are some rough times, both on a personal level and on a professional level. However, for some businesses it is tougher to stay afloat than for others. Why is that? Does it need to be that hard? Do you find yourself ogling other businesses wondering how they seem to face hardly any problems ensuring their business continuity and keeping to their business model. Do you maybe even envy them in secret, asking yourself „Why does it work for them and not for my business?“

The answer to this question is quite simple: They were aware of the importance of being digitally mature. This allows running a future-proof business in the modern working world, e.g. by focusing on digital operations and strategy, even before the crisis and acted accordingly.
To make this clearer, think back to when the full extent of Corona’s impact on businesses became apparent to you. What was it that made you feel uneasy? Of course, slowing business was a significant factor, but when you reflect, was it maybe not only external factors but also internal factors that worried you — how on earth you ensure business continuity and remote collaboration while people are stuck at home. Be it that your processes were not set up to work in a digital environment, your customer engagement was designed with face-to-face interactions in mind or that your employees were lacking the necessary transformational mindset for this change.

If this sounds familiar to you, you should see Corona as what it is: a chance! This might sound strange, but hear me out. While Corona painfully demonstrates the effects of not having acted at the right time, it also serves as a wakeup call. Working has become more and more digital in a globalised world, that is a fact. And while being a digital company might have primarily served purposes such as attracting employees in the past, nowadays, it has become a necessity. It allows you to ensure business continuity while enabling sustainable business success through efficiency gains. And this is where a Digital Maturity Assessment comes into play!

You might ask yourself why you need to undergo a Digital Maturity Assessment if you have already recognised that you are not digitally mature, but need to be to run a future-proof business. While this is extremely important, you need to think bigger. Being digitally mature means more than enabling your employees to work from home to ensure business continuity. Being digitally mature also enables and boosts your business the right way.
The right way forward is specific to your industry and, more importantly, specific to your business as one size does not fit all. A Digital Maturity Assessment provides you with a holistic view of your as-is as well as your ideal target state. Knowing this gap allows identifying those levers for improvements that are paramount in helping you master Corona while setting you on the right path up to reach your strategic goals. Additionally, it supports you in choosing the right strategic goals to boost your business and make its success sustainable. Based on this, specifically tailored recommendations can be derived. Apart from prioritising, continuous assessments also allow evaluating your progress, making sure that your success is truly sustainable and less vulnerable in the hopefully unlikely case of a next global pandemic.

Corona sucks — we all know that. But not being prepared sucks more. While we cannot change what we have forgone in the past, we can learn from it and be better prepared for the future, thereby making your business sustainable.


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