6 Ideas about 6G

White Paper 6G

The new standard for tomorrow’s needs: While 5G networks evolve, the basis for the design and standardization of 6G networks is provided to cope with the still unknown future demands of all possible industries. Parallel to the just developed 5G network that has tremendous potential and many capabilities in tailor specific use cases, 6G will be the answer to imminent requirements of industries worldwide, which arise from the continuous accelerating digitalization that currently takes place, as it goes beyond 5G in several dimensions. Felix Kirsten, Abdul Rahman and Lothar Reith explain in which key innovation areas of evolvement 6G will play a central role during the early deployment to answer clients’ questions of tomorrow. We believe that 6G will be the breakthrough on the road toward more flexible and intelligent network services of the future that enable a greater degree of connectivity in all possible sectors.

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6 Ideas about 6G

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