Innovation & Startup Radar

Innovation empowerment: From ideation to execution.

Being successful in innovation requires not only a bag full of good ideas but also a thorough analysis of innovation potential as a basis to enrich the existing product or service portfolio or to improve the internal efficiency. Continuously revealing new opportunities for the business, finally helps to align the digital strategy accordingly and to perform the digital transformation. Besides integrating new technologies within your organization, also partnering with tech startups – as successfully demonstrated by global market leaders – may be beneficial for traditional companies to address these new trends and shifts in the economy.

Innovation & Startup Radar, Detecon. Inc

Our Technology and Startup Radar helps companies, to continuously screen trends, technologies and startups, evaluate each of them in terms of their impact on our customers’ businesses and conclude actionable targets in order to support innovation processes.

Our Technology and Startup Radars are the perfect tool for you, to always be up to date and have a holistic overview on global innovations.

  • Our Innovation Trend Proposals are updated on a regularly basis. We keep track of and highlight all relevant new market opportunities and threats for businesses in any industry.
  • We offer fully integrated, connected and customized content plans to provide profound technology or industry insights in several areas.
  • Tailored content plans address your specific needs managed through our internal research and scouting team.

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Stefan Wilhelm
Stefan Wilhelm
Managing Partner | Detecon USA
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