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Detecon (Deutsche Telekom Consulting) is the world’s leading consulting company, focusing on digital infrastructure, and a member of the Deutsche Telekom Group - with +80bn USD annual revenue the largest communication service provider in Europe and the US. The Detecon Group is a 1,100-person strong consulting powerhouse of Deutsche Telekom and T-Mobile and pioneer in digital infrastructure and strategy advisory with offices in 20 countries.

Detecon USA is headquartered in the Silicon Valley and supports companies to adapt their business models and operational processes to the competitive conditions and customer requirements of the digitalized, globalized economy with state-of-the-art communication and information technology. Our clients range from large companies, top 3 software and cloud players, leading startups to government agencies in the US.

Our consulting topics

As innovation leaders in connectivity, we have helped our clients in the USA for over 20 years mastering their most pressing business challenges when working with them on assignments related to:

Digital Infrastructure
Next Generation Hybrid Networks
New Satellite Constellations
5G Connectivity and 5GaaS
Private/Campus Networks
Edge Computing
Telco Cloud
Autonomous Networks

Our Services

With the advent of 5G and the emergence of Edge computing and the Telco Cloud, we are at an inflection point of network evolution – one that will transform industries, disrupt existing players and unearth a whole new set of opportunities around cloud native infrastructure. As part of Deutsche Telekom (T-Mobile), we draw upon our vast heritage and deep operational expertise in network connectivity and communication services business models to provide tailored solutions to our clients.

  • Product Management
    Our technical heritage allows us to build and manage products for infrastructure companies. This includes designing the technical architectures, managing the vendors and defining go-to-market strategies.
  • Investment Advisory and Due Diligence 
    With our unique experience in the telecommunication and innovative infrastructure business, we advise investors and lenders on making the right decision and guiding them on the opportunities and risks they will encounter when investing into new ventures.
  • Go-to Market and Business Strategies
    Launching new business and growing business into new markets in the Digital Infrastructure space requires expert consulting services from our global teams to support in understanding the markets, developing the business case and formulating the strategies.

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