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Effective trend scouting is the precursor to a rapid and informed response

We live in exponential times where technological advancements drive innovation and foster an ecosystem where disruptive threats and opportunities can appear overnight. Being aware of the latest trends and opportunities is the first crucial step in establishing and maintaining long-term competitive advantage.

How can established players tackle these challenges? Who is conducting the scouting? How rapid is the response?

Detecon’s Innovation Scouting approach provides valuable insights into TRENDS, OPPORTUNITIES and INSPIRATIONS. Our flexible ITONICS based platform enables you to set up a centralized innovation management fostering the development of an organization wide community for scouting and developing strategies for responding to threats and taking on opportunities. This gives you the confidence to be up to date on all trends which are relevant to your specific areas of interest.


"Zone To Win" by Geoffrey Moore

Inspiring talk by legendary Geoffrey Moore on Disruptive Innovation, how Corporates can catch the next wave and the zone to win.

The urge for innovation and how to tackle it

Effective trend scouting is the precursor to a rapid and informed response

The speed of technological innovation is ever increasing - product lifecycles are becoming even shorter and entire industries are being disrupted by new entrants. 

Thus, organizations’ internal innovation departments are increasingly important and more than ever responsible for driving effective and efficient innovation initiatives. The innovation department is in charge of staying up to date on latest trends and opportunities, disseminating their findings across the entire organization, acting as the main driver for change and growth and harnessing the power of the organization’s collective creative wisdom.

While historically corporate R&D labs have been the strong drivers of innovation, many of the recently invented technologies, trends and disruptions have been the product of independent entrepreneurs. Recently, this has culminated in startups developing break-through innovations by leveraging new technologies and business models. Competition is growing and established firms across all industries are being threatened and will potentially be disrupted. Market entry barriers have been lowered by major technology advancements and established players now need to adapt even faster than ever before.

Information and transparency are critical – the key to staying competitive is to understand how markets are developing and to identify the players that are driving these developments. This profound understanding of market trends and opportunities enables solid strategies and action plans to be developed and executed. Whether you decide to respond by defending  your position, partnering with a competitor or plan to re-orientate, you will need to act faster and more dynamic than ever before to remain relevant and thrive shorter product lifecycles in an environment where customers are increasingly demanding individualized products and services.

We are leveraging our Silicon Valley presence to accelerate innovation world-wide.

We are your extended innovation team

With our unrivalled access to key information, we are in the position to guide you in establishing a quick and effective innovation process to outpace your competitors.

  • We provide valuable trend insights for you ahead of time
  • We inspire you about new products so disruption is not a surprise
  • We scout, evaluate and engage the right partners for you

How it works

  • We identify your needs and define innovation focus areas
  • We streamline your ideation management efforts to establish an effective innovation and partnering process
  • We leverage our unique knowledge to unlock the potential of the world’s innovation powerhouses, Silicon Valley, as well as our strong partnerships to hubs in Berlin, Israel and other trusted partners all over the world
  • We are your trusted advisors along the entire innovation management journey, providing you with continual support to fully leverage latest tools and techniques which include: 
    - Ideation & Workshop techniques
    - Strong software partner
    - Knowledge management
    - Change management

Our Solution

We identified 7 relevant fields

Trends and startups are categorized along all important areas where economy, technology and society are impacted by digital innovations. Many of them will offer opportunities for growth, optimization and transformation, but others will definitely be a thread. Our radar includes the most important ones to support you in deriving strategies to prepare you for the future.

Automation & Robotics
Discover what intelligent machines and robots will be capable of in the near future

Connected Everything & Cloudification
Connected devices will require smart networks and efficient infrastructure. Find out how this will affect your business.

Big Data & Analytics
We’ve gathered huge amounts of data. Finally there are solutions to make use of it by applying intelligent techniques and models.

Digital Business & Transformation
Given the advancements in technology, business models, strategies and leadership styles will have to be adapted accordingly.

Social & Human Interaction
Humans and machines will grow closer together. Efficient integration and interaction will be more important than ever.

Visualization & Interfaces
Borders between the real and virtual world will blur. This opens up a huge market for products and services.

Cyber Security & Privacy
The more items are connected, the more important it is to have state-of-the-art protection. Be prepared and take action.

The Tool

ITONICS Radar Software

We have partnered with ITONICS to make our findings visible, accessible and valuable for your entire organization through a platform which serves as the single source of truth and enables you to develop strategies to unlock long term growth.

The customizable browser-based tool visualizes and continuously monitors the latest trends and findings and serves as an environment where you can work across departments and functions to discover new trends and opportunities and start new projects.

Our approach helps you to

  • Establish a centralized information platform for innovation topics
  • Monitor your own findings and initiatives
  • Evaluate trends and opportunities
  • Visualize data dynamically
  • Import from and export to other formats



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