DETECON Consulting

Can a Web site inspire new ideas and solutions?

Detecon’s business puts it right in the middle of one of the most exciting seas of change of our time: the networking of global information and communications. It would be hard to find a company better equipped to document the diverse scope and content of this metamorphosis.

In the course of the Web site relaunch, Detecon has invited artists and designers to experiment more freely with the theme of architecture and to come up with a kind of “appetizer” which will give greater expression to the complexity of the company. As an advance in the development of the Detecon art concept, the construction of stages plays a key role in the implementation of the new Web site. The places and content where and with which a firstclass “performance” will be given will be placed alongside a functional, clear, and efficient text section. The medium term objective of this expansion in the use of imagery is to create the opportunity to provide clients with a “storyboard” to go along with the “script”.

Detecon has won the "German Design Award "

In the category "Campaign and Advertising", Detecon scored points with the new Web site because of its groundbreaking quality and functionality. In the category "Interior Design", the Detecon office concept won over the highly respected experts from business, teaching, and academics who made up the jury from the German Design Council as well as the design industry.

The German Design Award is the international premium award given by the German Design Council. High-quality products and projects from product and communication design are honored; all of them are pioneers in their own way in the German and international design sector.

German Design Award

art works digitally - the Catalog

art works digitally - the Catalog


The Artists

Florian Benet was trained as a painter and sculptor in Barcelona. He has already put this twofold talent on display in the rooms on Sternengasse. His appearance on the stages of the new Web site illustrates that a “cable” tree can remind us of more than the squares in a Mediterranean village. Benet was born in Girona (Spain) in 1979. He lives and works in Cologne and Girona.

Klaus Hann is a striking element of the Detecon rooms in Cologne and Eschborn, and his objets-trouvées not only enliven some of the stages of the new Web site, but even form the stages themselves. Hann, born in Lüneburg in 1967, lives and works today in Asunción (Paraguay) and Bonn.

Taka Kagitomi, a master student of Tal R at the Art Academy in Düsseldorf, is a wanderer between the worlds, who constantly forces viewers to re-examine their ideas. His perception tests on the new Web site are no different. Kagitomi, born in Niigata (Japan) in 1973, lives and works in Düsseldorf.

Georg Krefeld studied free art at the Academy of Art in Hamburg. He has been especially dedicated to the new media in recent years and has above all pushed the limits of the so-called “stop trick animation”. Virtually all of the images on the new Web site benefit from this special talent.

Dzifa Mensah grew up in Ghana, where she studied art in Accra. The experience of her peripatetic life between the West and Africa is a major element of the complex imagery she conjures up on the Detecon stages. Mensah was born in Accra (Ghana) in 1980. Today, the artist lives and works in Berlin.

Maik Seehafer, born in the Sauerland in 1987, is a freelance animated filmmaker and illustrator. A trained communication designer, Seehafer crosses over the boundaries of the commonplace in the construction and animation of various stage sets, alone and in collaboration with other artists. He lives and works in Hamburg.

Amely Spötzl has expanded the scope of her perception studies previously presented in her installations in Cologne and Eschborn as part of the Detecon Web site project. She challenges viewers and their mental agility in the interpretation of realms which are well known to belong to Detecon. The artist, born in Biberach an der Riss in 1975, lives and works in Bonn.

These are supplemented by special guest appearances by the artists/designers

Silke Baltruschat, Michael Barche, Henrik Ellerhorst, Max Schmeling, and Norbert Thomas.