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International Detecon Partnering Study

Partnering & Cooperation

The mission of the International Detecon Partnering Study was to determine the global status of the development of partnering in the telecommunications industry and to identify the key factors for the optimization of profits through partnering (return on partnering). The fundamental data came from 25 in-depth interviews conducted internationally with partnering experts in telco companies, most of which ranged in corporate size between €1 billion and €20 billion.

Main Theses

  1. Partnering has become established as a strategic factor in telco companies and will play an increasingly vital role for corporate development in the middle term (the next three years) as well.
  2. Partnering is employed especially as a growth driver. Further digital added value is expected to stimulate revenue development, prevent the loss of customers (churn) in the core business, and improve profitability
  3. We believe that there is still unmined potential in partner management that could be exploited through partnering to generate contributions to revenues of more than 20% of total revenues or the benchmark of 3% to 5% return on revenues.

This leads us to believe that further professionalization of partner management from the strategy to the realization can enable telco companies to increase the contribution to revenues from cooperation. This is also what about 64% of the respondents are striving to achieve. The greatest lever for success is not only the capability, but above all the speed with which partners who have been selected are integrated into processes with an eye on success with the customers and to operate these processes with high scaling effects and the greatest possible degree of automation.

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