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Do you need a second opinion on a candidate’s potential?

The constantly changing demands on business in terms of new services and technologies in the age of digitalization very often require a new organizational structure, such as a new operating model. Consequently, a leadership team has to reconsider current job holders and their positions and competencies in order to make sure that the right person is in the right place and can develop his/her potential for the sake of business success.
Although the superior might know his sub- ordinate’s strengths and weaknesses and have a clear idea of his position and role in the new structure, it is possible to under- or overestimate some of the critical competencies needed in a new job role.
Detecon offers a short and rapid assessment in order to provide a second opinion on a candidate’s potential. By this, we mean the candidate’s capacity and interest to develop the qualities required for effective performance in significantly more challenging roles.

This kind of “second opinion assessment” will facilitate and provide more certainty in making correct and appropriate decisions with regard to personnel. Moreover, for various reasons, a third party view may reveal previously unknown, hidden competencies of a candidate. Careful attention should be paid to avoid mismatching people and positions. Not only does this impose unnecessary costs on the organization, it also has an impact on the engagement level of employees and therefore on individual and organisational performance.

The accompanying presentation provides an overview of Detecon’s applied methodology and a snapshot of a second opinion assessment report.
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