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Future Telco Reloaded

Strategies for Successful Positioning in Competition

Telecommunications companies are still facing enormous demands related to transformation. Eclipsing even the significant factors of traffic growth and horizontal competition among carriers, competition with OTT players will represent the key challenge of the future for network operators. Core business fields and primary sources of revenues in the area of traditional communications services are threatened, as are the presumably secure infrastructure business and customer relationships. Carriers are at risk of being reduced to the role of a bit pipe operator or to being nothing more than connectivity providers without any contact to the end customers. These threats give rise to fields urgently requiring action.

Taking the assessment of various market scenarios as its starting point, Detecon has developed a number of measures for the successful positioning of telecommunications companies in their competitive environment. The second volume of a series entitled “Future Telco Reloaded — Strategies for Successful Positioning in the Competitive Environment” offers recommendations for action that include innovative network concepts, agile IT infrastructures, ideas for own innovation activities, and aspects for a differentiated approach to markets.

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