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Trading with a Future – Taking the Lead with ICT

ICT is an increasingly dominant factor in retail trade. Information and communications technologies are an important production factor for the performance of services; digital transformation continues to progress at an accelerating pace. But not every retailer is the same, nor is every customer the same. Retail trade is diversity. Detecon provides consulting services to companies from widely different customer segments and offers independent business models for each specific instance. Food retailers, large online retailers, and companies offering consumer goods, fashion, and luxury items are characterized by distinct business drivers and digital technologies. We provide customized solutions to each of these clients: taking the lead with ICT.

Efficiency and Effectiveness Through Holistic IT Strategies
Food retailers are driven by “revenue per square meter” and constantly strive to enhance efficiency and lower costs. What infrastructure will the store of tomorrow need? What cash register system is future-proof? How do I introduce mobile payment? The answers to these questions are to be found in innovative ICT concepts. Large online retailers are the pace-setters for development on the Internet. You can also score points with your customers by offering highly efficient logistics, transparent and fast billing, and rating and recommendation functions for trendy products. We ensure dynamic portfolio modifications, professional product tracking, and minimal manual effort through the use of modern ICT technologies.

Focus on Customer Data
Everyone is talking about “big data”, particularly in the consumer goods sector or among fashion and luxury item sellers. How do I maintain mastery of my customer data and draw optimal benefits from this information? We view customer data as an “independent product” of cross-channel management which allows you to generate new business models, especially because customers and their consumption behavior are changing rapidly. How can I exploit social media to promote sales? How do I stay flexible without maintaining an inventory? Fashion designers and stores must respond. Sales data in real time featuring constant adjustment of the line of goods mean lower costs and higher sales figures. We take care of our clients by offering them comprehensive consulting services, based on a partnership approach and with an eye on practical implementation, especially at the interface between the business units and IT. Our services in this area range from strategic consulting to the re-engineering of business processes – in the sales and customer services departments in particular – and encompass all of the issues related to IT management.

Successfully Establishing and Evolving Brand Names
When you use ICT, you have complete control over what happens. Consistent brand and customer relationship management with distributors is a key element for keeping luxury brands on track and evolving them successfully. We collaborate with our clients from the luxury segment to enhance their skills in data management and customer insights in alignment with their specific objectives. Applying our many years of experience in ICT consulting, we develop sustainable, groundbreaking concepts and successfully complete projects to satisfy clients’ needs.

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