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Public Administration in the Digital Age

The public sector has not been spared the turmoil affecting so many other industries in Germany. Cultural, technological, economic, and social conditions are changing at an accelerating rate. The aging of our society, the growing deficits in national budgets, or the (new) forms for administrative tasks resulting from EU directives and other statutory provisions (E-Government Act) are putting pressure on public institutions. Governments and their agencies must find a way to keep pace with digital transformation. Moreover, the public sector must position itself as an attractive employer so that it can compete for the qualified specialists who are in such short supply on the labor market.

Budget Consolidation Opens Up Room for New Structures
The objective must be to find practical and affordable solutions which will meet the demands of the country’s citizens as well as of the politicians and administrators in positions of responsibility. Administration offices at the national, state, and municipal levels are all called upon to contribute to budget consolidation and to maintain their financial liquidity. Otherwise, ministries, government authorities, and other institutes will find themselves in a financial straitjacket and be unable to participate actively in the expansion and further development of the information society. The reduction of bureaucratic hurdles and the related implementation of innovative digital services for citizens are important aspects in this respect.

Efficiency, Customer Orientation, and Service Quality
Innovative concepts across regional and institutional borders lead to systematic structural changes and increase the efficiency and effectiveness of administrative units. Substantial synergy effects for in-house and external services can be gained by broadening the scope of inter-community cooperation and through the establishment of partnerships with businesses. Service centers, virtualized ICT, citizen portal strategies, social media, and the reform of HR, procurement, and purchasing organizations are only some of the broad subjects where efficiency reserves wait to be mined.

Sustainable Consulting Solutions and Increases in Efficiency
We advise our clients in the public sector by offering strategic and technical concepts related to digital developments in the following areas: HR management (planning, strategy, and development), increasing efficiency (organization and collaboration, process harmonization, and efficient IT production), and people orientation through media service centers (portals, business intelligence, social media strategies). Moreover, we have comprehensive expertise in the areas of e-government (cloud computing, openGovernment/dataGovernment/data management), consolidation of computer centers and IT security in the context of cyber security, and partner management. In collaboration with our clients, we build strategic alliances between the private economy and the public sector.

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