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Digital Transformation in the Automotive Industry

Innovation, Flexibility, and Brand Management as a Saving Anchor

Global competition, greater diversity in variants, and decreasing brand loyalty are the striking characteristics of the automotive industry: it is faced with unrelenting cost pressures as a consequence of global competition. Customers expect more and better features for the same amount of money. If companies are to set themselves apart from the emerging competitors in China, India, and the Eastern European countries, innovative products, flexibility in order processing, and value-oriented customer relationships management, along with efficient structures and processes, are the keys to success.

Being a leading ICT management consultancy, we help our clients with the optimization of their organization and processes and adapt their IT systems to provide the best possible support for doing business. We cooperate with them to plan the organizational and technical implementation and provide support to them during the reorientation of the IT infrastructure, during the transformation of their applications to a uniform IT standard, during the design of the supply management or the planning of sophisticated dialog and campaign marketing. In all of our projects, we never lose sight of one goal: sustained, profitable growth for our clients!

On the road in the car of the future

The connected car as a fundamental element of modern mobility concepts is shaking up carmakers: the integration of a new eco-system and its positioning in the value chain cast doubts on the viability of the previous business model. No one today wants to be without cloud applications and the latest smartphone – not even when at the wheel of a car. Recognition of this fact is forcing automotive manufacturers to think in new directions because it affects the entire eco-system in which automotive manufacturing takes place.

Connected car solutions are growth drivers

Fast, reliable and low-cost connected car solutions will be a worldwide growth driver in the 21st century. The demand for the most comprehensive connectivity possible – the networking of driver and vehicle with the Internet, the manufacturer, other vehicles, even the surroundings – will fundamentally change car makers’ processes, perhaps even their business model in its entirety. Moreover, the demand for connected car solutions is luring new market players into the industry.

Connectivity creates proximity to the customer

Whether cloud, connected car, or car sharing – if car makers want to generate the enthusiasm for automobiles of past generations among today’s young people, they will need convincing all-encompassing concepts. New markets and customers will be the reward for anyone who grasps the opportunities from this transformation. The effort required for realization will be worthwhile: never before have manufacturers had an opportunity such as that offered by connected cars to maintain such close proximity to their customers.

Our Experts

Mark Heinrich

Managing Partner, Financial Services, Connected Car, Mobility Solutions +49 89 546365 37

Uwe Weber

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Dr. Verena Schmidtmann

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