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Market Dynamics

Historically speaking, regulatory authorities on the telecommunications market have viewed their primary tasks to be securing debundled access for competitors to infrastructures which have, for the most part, been created by former government monopolies with substantial market power and employing regulatory controls to generate price competition benefiting consumers. In the meantime, the markets for telecommunications, media, and IT have by and large merged into one and expanded their scope from the national to the global stage; at the same time, the existing copper cable infrastructure has become more or less obsolete. Traditional telecommunications companies are struggling with falling revenues and profits in conjunction with rising demand for investments in new NGA access technologies while more and more global service providers without their own grid infrastructure (OTTs) as well as traditional media companies are turning into competitors.


Publications of Wholesale & Regulation

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Network Virtualization, Programmability, and Regulation



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FTTx in South Africa

FTTx in South Africa


As benefits of scale and alliances in Next Generation Networks (NGNs) continue to grow, many regulated companies find themselves compelled to adopt strategies for market consolidation, outsourcing, partnerships, or grid spin-offs. Regulatory authorities should encourage the investment activities of the companies for the politically desired developments in broadband capacities without putting at risk the competition and low prices which have been achieved with so much effort. The rapid increase in data traffic demands new solutions for efficient use of limited frequencies, future-proof solutions for communication between machines in the Industry 4.0 environment, and regulatory solutions for numerous new technological developments.

Detecon understands precisely this interface between technological development and its strategic and economic implications.

Our Services for Regulators

  • Sector reform strategies and ICT policies, e.g., regulatory market analyses, competition analyses and benchmarking, broadband strategies, privatization and regulatory policies
  • Analyses of regulatory impact, e.g., regulatory due diligence, economic quantification of regulatory measures, market modeling
  • Drafting and wording of regulatory documents, e.g., amendment proposals for telecommunications laws, statutory regulations, white papers, etc.
  • Preparation of regulatory market design, e.g., license award procedures, spectrum policies, auction design, spectrum assessment, market access regulation, numbering plans, standardization, grid spin-off, universal service, network neutrality, interconnection and peering, cost models and rate regulation, data protection, etc.
  • Organizational optimization, e.g., organizational design, processes, training, structuring of public hearing procedures

Our Services for Regulated Telcos

  • Strategy development, e.g., market and competition analyses, product and price analyses, wholesale strategies, interconnection strategies, regulatory lobbying
  • Portfolio design and development, e.g., wholesale product design, operation and maintenance manuals for regulated products, product value optimization for mobile and international wholesale products
  • Negotiation support, e.g., optimize reference interconnection and reference access offers in collaboration with regulatory authorities and competitors
  • Cost and rate optimization, e.g., service cost models, business modeling, wholesale price calculations
  • Organizational development, e.g., organizational structure of business units, wholesale CRM, wholesale pricing, and IT