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Transformation competence is the critical success factor

Change is a constant and continuous process and one that is accelerating. Markets are volatile, dynamic, and intensely competitive. The structures within a company are frequently unable to adapt to these changes fast enough. The logical consequence: inefficiencies. This situation prompts many companies to initiate cost reduction measures, but they often fail to achieve the desired effects of improved efficiency: thoughtlessly reducing costs using the “lawnmower method” destroys important business potential in the long term.

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Björn Menden about Challenges and Trends for Telecoms - Southeast Asia Talent Development Forum, Bangkok 2017

Southeast Asia Talent Development Forum, Bangkok 2017

Do you need a second opinion on a candidate’s potential?

Detecon offers a short and rapid capability assessment in order to provide a second opinion on a candidate’s potential. The accompanying presentation provides an overview of Detecon’s applied methodology and a snapshot of a second opinion assessment report. We would be happy to receive your feedback.

Success profiles of integrated operators- Commercial unit

We are developing a HR capability map for different domains within the Telco industry. Main roles, skills and competencies are described and can be used to develop new job descriptions as the foundation for recruitment and personal development. The enclosed documents illustrate the critical roles, skills and competencies in a commercial unit. We commence work on other domains of Telco operators.

How digital is your HR Organisation?

Detecon offers an HR “Digital Health Check” - to find out what the digital maturity level of the current HR organization is and what is needed to keep pace with the new business demands. Tailored measures and customized road-map for implementation, and and a strategic alignment will be tangible outcomes of this assessment. We are looking forward to engage with you.

Are you a Digital Leader?

Detecon offers its clients to analyze their digital leadership needs and to design and implement the adaptations necessary to develop and accelerate their leadership capabilities. We are happy to share our experiences.

What kinds of skills do your staff possess?

Assessing employee readiness for transformational change requires a structured, objective, valid and very often an independent approach to safeguard fairness and propose development measures to bridge possible skills gaps. Detecon offers to support its clients by providing these services. The accompanying five-pager illustrates our approach and we welcome your feedback.

Does your organization need an Head Count estimate?

Head count planning and revision is mainly required during or after designing a new organization. Many drivers require head count changes which are not part of the regular head count planning process. Detecon offers its Clients a solid approach, based on expertise and experiences gained in various projects all-round the world. Feedback is very much appreciated.

Mission, Vision and Values are the bedrock of Corporate Culture

Mission and Vision statements are management tools that if used appropriately, have the potential to help improve organization's probability of success. A practical approach to develop Mission, Vision and Values can be found in the presentation attached.

2016 Global Carrier Talent Development Forum

Last week I held a keynote speech on "Future Skills & Talents" at the Global Carrier Development Forum in Shenzhen, China. With HR representatives on senior level from all over the world it was a great opportunity to discuss the challenges in transforming carriers. If you are interested in the event, the discussions or in participating in next years forum, please feel free to contact me.

Organization and Processes: Detecon's Value Proposition

Companies constantly face challenges caused by market transformations, internationalization of operations and technology shifts. In order to master these challenges a flexible organization and processes are required. Detecon supports its customers with a vast subject matter expertise gained in numerous projects worldwide. Please see our 5-pager on the topic and share it with your customers!

Our View on Transformation

Transformation is about achieving results that ensure sustainable advantages for an organisation in its legal, social and competitive environment. Find more about our view on transformation.

Tommy and the Chocolate Factory – A response to OTTs

How can telecommunications companies respond in terms of organization to the massive threat to their core business from OTTs? Tommy – eTom – is a valuable signpost for their orientation. We have just recently tackled this topic in a DMR article “Tommy and the chocolate factory".

Detecon @ 2015 Huawei European Professional Services and Solutions Summit in Zurich

We had a great opportunity to meet, discuss these topics and connect with clients at the 2015 Huawei Summit. Amongst the participants were high level executives from Telecom Italia, Sunrise, Swisscom, DTAG and quite a few other carriers. Detecon supported the event with a round table on the topic of “Future Skills & Talents and the Impact on HRM”, where we shared and discussed some best practices.

Detecon @ 2015 Huawei European Professional Services and Solutions Summit in Zurich

Our Experts have been to the Huawei European Professional Services and Solutions Summit in Zurich. It was a great congress as you can see in the video. You can also download our presentation, just read next post.

Being Digital

We have completely reworked our website. We want to be more interactive and up-to-date with our web-presence, so we said goodbye to our more or less static content and switched to this new more blog-based format. We truly hope that you will enjoy the jour more